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Logistics computer vision expert, shane Lachapelle joins VIMAAN as head of product management

Vimaan rounds out go-to-market team with warehouse automation and computer vision veteran

Santa Clara , CA (April 18, 2022)   

Vimaan, a computer vision solution provider for warehouse inventory management, today announces Shane LaChappelle as their new Head of Product Management.  LaChappelle has become known in the industry as one of the very first pioneers to successfully deploy computer vision in the warehouse.  Some of the most well-known retailers currently use warehouse vison solutions LaChappelle has helped design, deploy and support.

For the past decade, while at Cognex Corporation, LaChappelle worked directly with the largest retail, E-Commerce, Parcel, Postal and 3PL companies in the world to engineer solutions for their warehouse operations.  His impacts stretched from introducing the first productized solutions, driving innovation in the way complex solutions were engineered and deployed for scale and motivating platform shifts based on the needs of some of  the world’s largest supply chain companies.  

“”When I started my career in logistics, lasers dominated barcode scanning, vision was only used in very specific applications. .   Fast forward to 2022 and computer vision is the norm for barcode reading and it’s much more common to see complex vision inspections completed that you would have only seen in Factory Automation even five years back.,” said LaChappelle. “What excites me about Vimaan, is the fact the team has spent years of time evaluating customer needs before coming to market.  The Team has already  built an impressive offering of solutions based on customer feedback, and I am looking forward to evolving the product roadmap based on continued work with some of the largest 3PLs and brands in the world.”

“Shane is the right guy, at the right time to be leading product management for VIMAAN,” stated S.K. (KG) Ganapathi founder and CEO of VIMAAN. “He has worked side by side with innovation engineers for some of the most successful retailers out there.  He understands our customers and their needs extremely well and this knowledge is going to enable us to design even more solutions never before considered for the logistics industry.”

Ganapathi has been meticulously building out his go-to-market team for the past 9 months.  “As our solution teams were launching successful deployments in the field, I have been assembling a group of domain matter experts that will fuel our go-to-market strategy.”  Last year, VIMAAN brought on Phillip Archambault as CRO and Vice President of Sales.  Phil is a self-proclaimed warehouse guy based on his years of experience delivering customer solutions for companies such as Gartner and Locus Robotics.  Also brought on last year is Craig Dowley as Vice President of Marketing, who has spent nearly two decades engineering go-to-market strategies for industry leaders such as  Cognex, SolidWorks and MathWorks.

VIMAAN emerged from stealth in January of this year and since then has launched two products already in production in the field, including StorTRACK and DockTRACK.  Both products deliver unprecedented level of inventory tracking and accuracy for brands and 3PLs.  VIMAAN completed it Series A in 2020 including $25M backed by capital from NEA, Wing VC, and Neotribe Ventures

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Media Contact: Craig Dowley VP, Marketing