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Cycle Counting Autonomous Warehouse Drone


More than a barcode or RFID reader, StorTRACK Air is an inventory tracking drone that delivers the warehouse-floor ‘truth’ to a customer’s WMS. This truth includes proactive alerts for discrepancies against the WMS, the validation of quantities or expiration dates of SKUs and part numbers, archived and searchable images of inventory locations, flagging of quality deficiencies such as damaged inventory, and highlighting safety hazards such as protruding pallets or damaged racks.

StorTRACK Air is ideal for both E-Commerce fulfilment centers as well as large B2B distribution centers with high bay pallet and case storage. The solution leverages Vimaan’s powerful suite of cameras, sophisticated computer vision algorithms, and an intuitive, easy to use app, ViewDeck, that is accessible by inventory management specialists at the facility.

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