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Global 3PL Leader Improves Inventory Accuracy with Less Headcount

Ground Level Inventory Scanning

StorTRACK is an inventory scanning and tracking mobile station specifically designed to support the processing needs of today’s busy warehouse and eCommerce fulfillment centers. This mobile station enables you to receive and record goods faster and more accurately

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Working with the 3PL team, Vimaan implemented an automated cycle counting solution; and like all other Vimaan projects this initiative was backed by a service level agreement, to track and measure results. 
The Vimaan solution was engineered to:

  • Scan and capture images of EVERY rack in the >1M sq ft facility in under 60 days
  • Extract data from each shelf to recognize and interpret rack contents, inventory conditions and compare with the WMS
  • Flag and log discrepancies between what Vimaan automated solution finds and the WMS system of record
  • Provide actionable insights through the Vimaan propriety software application ViewDECK.    
  • Excessive time searching for inventory
  • Costly write-offs and penalties
  • Employee productivity

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