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StorTRACK Ground

Mobile Scanning Station Ideal for eCommerce
Fulfillment Centers

5X Improvement in Inventory Capture and Auditing

Warehouses and eCommerce Fulfillment Centers are under pressure to receive, process and ship customer orders faster than ever before.  Handheld barcode scanners have proven to be labor intensive, time consuming, and unpredictable, slowing down the process of receiving, auditing, and tracking goods.  These delays are impacting warehouses everyday:  

  • Penalties for not meeting service level agreements
  • Hiring and maintaining a reliable work force
  • Costly mis-shipments and chargebacks
Cycle counting scanning

Mobile Scanning Station Ideal for
eCommerce Fulfillment Centers

StorTRACK Ground was specifically designed to support the processing needs of today’s busy warehouse.  This mobile inventory tracking station enables you to receive and record goods faster and more accurately.  A typical full pallet? takes a warehouse worker 6-12 minutes to adequately capture.  StorTRACK Ground processes the same data in within seconds  or less with a 100% accuracy rate.  As a mobile station, StorTRACK Ground can integrate seamlessly into existing processes, and function alongside other warehouse tasks being performed in a congested environment.


Delivering More Accurate Data to Your WMS in a Fraction of the Time

StorTRACK Ground scans mezzanine level warehouse locations, delivering highly accurate inventory status to the WMS. Unlike other inventory capturing technologies that only scan barcodes on labels, StorTRACK Ground reads all label attributes including:

  • Part Numbers
  • Destination Location
  • Barcodes
  • SKUs
  • Quantities
  • Expiration Dates

Automated One Touch Operation

Faster and More Precise
Inventory Tracking & Audits

Less Headcount

Manual auditing can be replaced
with the faster and more exact
cycle counting of the StorTRACK

Improved Warehouse

Along with scanning shelves to
ensure accurate goods placement,
the StorTRACK Ground also
reports on empty storage spaces.

Precise and
Real Time

StorTRACK Ground has access to
your manifest and can quickly audit
goods with  +99% accuracy.

Get Rid of
your Scanners

Outdated and slow hand-held
scanners are easily replaced with
these fast and versatile AI powered

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