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about vimaan

At Vimaan We Have No Limits

we are vimaan

[ veh-mahn ]

noun – a person (or team of people) dedicated to helping their customers succeed
verb – to improve the management of warehouse inventory
adj – truthful

Vimaan is a computer vision and AI solution company dedicated to providing 3PLs, Brands and Retailers with a 100% accurate view of their warehouse inventory. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Vimaan automates and digitizes inventory capture, tracking and management across the entire warehouse, including receiving, put-away and picking, cycle counting, order validation, and outbound shipping. Vimaan was founded to help companies solve the long-standing challenge of accurately monitoring, tracking and reporting on warehouse inventory. Every day companies are:

  • Miscounting items during the inbound process
  • Damaging goods before they reach the shelves
  • Misplacing items in their vast warehouses

These mistakes cost a warehouses millions of dollars in write-offs. We are dedicated to helping these companies better manage their inventory with up to a 99.8% accuracy rate (typical customer results).

About Vimaan
Meet KG

Meet KG

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Vimaan was founded by KG Ganapathi in 2017.  KG recognized an opportunity to disrupt the way inventory is managed in the global warehousing market. Ever since launching our first prototype 3 years ago, we have watched customers apply this new technology to multitudes of use cases and never look back as they accelerate the pace of their supply chains.

Be Part of
Something BIG!

The demand for Vimaan solutions has never been greater, and we are actively building our teams across the company. Vimaan is looking for smart, hardworking and adventurous talent to be part of our amazing journey. Roles include:

  • Full Stack Engineers
  • Product Management
  • Senior Sales Engineers
  • Sales Managers
  • Computer Vision Engineers & Scientists
  • Network Administration
  • And More


Product Demonstrations Based on Your Needs

Vimaan provides inventory tracking solutions from the moment items enter your warehouse to the point where they leave – all while using your EXISTING processes.

  • Incoming item scanning and reporting
  • Tracking items as they are placed and moved by
    forklifts, no auditors necessary!
  • Continuous monitoring of item locations and
    bin availability
  • Your WMS receives realtime reporting direct
    from the floor