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Order Packing &

Validating Order Fulfillment with Computer Vision

Online ordering has become the default shopping option for consumers, and this has required 3PLs, Brands and warehouses to reassess their order packing processes.  Once items are picked and delivered to order packing stations they still need to be diligently verified before orders are assembled.  The increase in online volume has placed a strain on warehouse order packers and as a result errors associated with order fulfillment have grown disproportionately.

Improve order packing quality and record item fulfillment proof with computer vision

The average return rate for online orders is over 20%, compared to 9% for brick-and-mortar stores. (according to the National Retail Federation). And according to Invesp, over 60% of returns are avoidable if order packing was more accurate and included proof of order fulfillment:

  • Received wrong item:   23%
  • Product received looks different:  22%
  • Received damaged goods:20%

Due to the overwhelming growth, returns have become a whole new operation for 3PLs and warehouses.  Verifying eaches and orders before packaging will assist in driving these numbers down as well as improving customer satisfaction. Vimaan computer vision supports faster and more precise item validation during the order packing process.

Vimaan Order Packing and Validation Applications

Each Counting
Parcel and Package Scanning

Fulfilled Order Photo Archive
Label Text Reading

Order Manifest Validation
Order Alert Notification


WHAT IS INVENTORY ACCURACY… AND WHY 3pLs and brands need to care

Warehouse Receiving is the first and arguably the most important step in establishing high inventory accuracy across the warehouse

Inventory accuracy is a challenge in almost every warehouse we walk into, and the reasons behind the inaccuracies vary. Understanding the truth behind your inventory involves not just cycle counting of stored inventory but also accurate tracking of inventory movement and reconciling it in near real time against your WMS. 


Warehouse Receiving Resources

Warehouse Receiving Solutions

DockTRACK Pallet

Incoming  and outgoing palleted goods are scanned, tracked and inspected faster with greater accuracy. ‚Äč

DockTRACK Parcel

Scans, Tracks and INSPECTS High Volume Packages Entering and Leaving the Warehouse.

StorTRACK Ground

Ground level inventory capture and tracking, ideal for busy eCommerce operations.

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