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4-Sided Pallet Scanning with PalletSCAN 360


Hand scanning incoming and outgoing pallets creates expensive dock door bottlenecks. And we all know this slow process can bring your operations to a halt.

That’s why more warehouses are turning to fast, automated four-sided pallet scanning from Vimaan. PalletSCAN 360 is the first of its kind multi-sided pallet scanning solution that provides the highest level of four-sided data capture efficiencies. Once you see PalletSCAN 360 in action, you will never look at pallet scanning the same way again.

PalletSCAN can isolate labels and read barcodes you need captured. And with its OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities it can also read any designated alpha numeric text on the cases. Because we are using computer vision PalletSCAN also recognizes any logo or graphics on a case.

QR codes are easily read, and warning labels can be identified. The system also provides quality control measures by identifying and alerting users of damaged cases. PalletSCAN recognizes the Captain and can even identify different colors.

Once the turntable is finished rotating, PalletSCAN will provide you with a precise count of the cases on the pallet and even alerts users if there is a case that does not belong.

And best of all, the system scans as fast as the turntable spins and processes the entire pallet In about 10 seconds!

All data is available in the ViewDECK web application, including the high-res pictures of all 4 sides of the pallet including individual cases.

PalletSCAN warehouses improve the speed of their data capture, generate higher quality results, and save on labor and other overhead costs.

See PalletSCAN 360 in action with an online demonstration.

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