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StorTRACK – Cycle Count Automation


Cycle Count Automation

Vimaan is proud to announce the next giant step in automated cycle counting


StorTRACK provides the safest, most efficient, and longest continually running cycle counting automation capability available on the market today. Designed in the form of a pallet, StorTRACK is easily lifted and handled by existing forklifts, order pickers or other Material Handling Equipment to capture inventory from the floor to your highest shelves.

Cycle count missions are easily initiated in the StorTRCK Task Manager provided by Vimaan, and fully integrated into the WMS.  These missions can be highly specific down to individual bins or as broad as cross sections of the entire warehouse. Operators automatically receive their assignments in the StorTRACK Task Manager.  This tool details exactly where the operator needs to go, and even keeps track of individual cycle count tasks in real time.

Operators retrieve StorTRACK from its base station and follow the instructions on the UI to head out to complete their mission. StorTRACK includes laser positioning guides to help Operators position the smart pallet in the appropriate starting position.  Once aligned, StorTRACK starts to scan. StorTRACK includes several cameras and sensors to ensure the widest field of view possible.  Integrated lights illuminate the shelves to ensure fast and complete image capture.

More than just a barcode reader, StorTRACK reads all the areas of the label important to customers.  Along with 1D and 2D barcodes, StorTRACK also reads text — including addresses, quantities, expiration dates, serial numbers and more.

Along with capturing label data, StorTRACK can also count visible cases, identify missing or damaged or unreadable labels, and even inspect for damages.  It can highlight safety risks in the warehouse – such as pallets that are sticking out and at risk of toppling, damaged racks or shelves.  It can dimension pallets and cases, and provide cubic utilization metrics for each shelf in the warehouse, thereby increasing storage efficiency and capacity.

While most rack scanning solutions just capture pallet data, StorTRACK scans pallets, cases and even eaches if necessary.

StorTRACK is especially valuable in situations where the packing density is high, since it captures a given area in the same amount of time, independent of the number of cases, boxes or pallets.  StorTRACK can capture an entire 30 foot rack in under 30 seconds, making it 5-20 times faster than hand scanning or a drone, depending on the number of cases on the rack. The more the cases in a rack, the higher the efficiency gain.

Once the vertical scan is complete, the operator simply moves on to the next column or rack. All scan data is transmitted and displayed on the StorTRACK Task Manager and as each task is complete it is reported as closed. Once the cycle count mission is completed, the task manager closes all assigned tasks.

The Operator returns StorTRACK to its base station to upload collected data and to ensure it’s ready for the next cycle count mission.

Vimaan integrates with all major WMS systems, ensuring that warehouses receive actionable inventory insights and operate from the most up to date inventory data possible. Reports include Search – which allows an inventory clerk to search for any item in the warehouse, or Discrepancy Reports – which generates a list of discrepancies against the WMS on a frequent basis so that the WMS can be highly accurate at all times.

An entire aisle that is 300 feet long with racks that are 35 feet high can be scanned in less than an hour.  Unlike a drone, StorTRACK’s battery can last for 8 hours, which allows entire warehouses to sometimes be covered with a single battery charge. Our customers can sometimes even conduct a full sweep of a million square feet facility over a weekend with StorTRACK!

Compared to warehouse drones, StorTRACK is faster, safer and more reliable.  The battery lives of drones barely last 20 minutes, while StorTRACK can keep scanning for up to 8 hours! Drones are overpriced and need continued surveillance by workers to ensure aisles are cleared and remove environmental hazards like loose shrink wrap, packing tape and other debris.  Drones suck these materials into their rotors during flight, and when that happens, they can cause damage to warehouse assets or cause other risks.

The idea of 100% autonomous warehouse drones is a MYTH.  And an expensive one at that. Let’s review:

StorTRACK  scans faster, safer and more reliably than manual scanning.

StorTRACK runs 24 times longer than a drone before it needs to be recharged.

StorTRACK’s larg an undesirable task for any warehouse worker, now with StorTRACK this important activity is easily redistributed to idle forklift operators.

StorTRACK accomplishes in one hour what one cycle counter would sometimes need days to complete.

And best of all StorTRACK is a fraction of the cost of the overhyped and expensive drone solutions, delivering warehouses an ROI faster than any drone on the market.

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