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CVML Knowledgebase

Download White Papers, Starter Guides and Technical Notes to Bolster Your Inventory Management Expertise

Explore our library of warehouse computer vision automation educational resources. Written by experienced logistics experts, each document provides a deep dive detailing how warehouses are improving efficiencies, saving money, increasing inventory accuracy while reducing their dependencies on expensive labor.

Warehouse Receiving
Automation Guide

Relying solely on labor to ensure accurate and fast warehouse receiving is a challenge for most 3PLs, DCs and Brands.

Cycle Counting
Automation Guide

Automated cycle counts enable warehouses to maintain optimal inventory levels, reducing shrinkage and overstock.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) Compliancy White Paper

SOX mandates that CEOs and other company leaders certify financials including inventory accuracy.

Introduction to Warehouse Computer Vision

Getting started guide details how warehouse CVML works and how it reduces dependency on costly labor.

The Problem with Warehouse Drones Technical Note

Detailed exploration of the shortcomings of warehouse drone technology and how it falls short of meeting expectations.

Reverse Logistics
Automation Guide

How computer vision is used to improve the tracking and processing of returned goods in busy warehouses.

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