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Precise real-time event and inventory tracking

Transform your MHE into highly accurate
inventory tracking and verification systems

Manual “pick” and “put” pallet processes historically are highly labor intensive and leading contributors to warehouse inventory inaccuracies, impacting forecasting, picker productivity, and order processing. PickTRACK addresses these challenges head on by turning your MHE into an integrated inventory tracking solution that allows warehouse Associates to precisely pinpoint inventory location. Easily integrated into existing processes, PickTRACK improves goods traceability in a number of different ways: 

  • Knows Exactly What You Picked, Without Getting Off the Fork Truck – AI models extend traceability far beyond the barcode read and validate for compliance against the WMS picklist in near real time 
  • Conducts continual cycle counting – while tracking and ensuring accurate pick and put tasks, PickTRACK conducts automatic incrementing and decrementing, helping deliver the greatest level of inventory accuracy to the WMS.
  • Pinpoints Placed Goods, Without Slowing Down the Operator – Put away events are reported back to the WMS, allowing warehouse Associates to locate goods faster and more accurately. 
Inventory Put-Away with PickTRACK
PIckTRACK is the easiest and most efficient solution for front face pallet scanning


Advanced localization enables warehouse managers to generate analytics to improve MHE usage, efficiencies and productivity.


 Simultaneously tracks pallet increments and decrements from each location, while verifying the right goods are being picked or placed. 


Ideal for warehouses reliant on manual auditing resources – provides complete coverage and reporting of inventory placement and movement.  

Palleted Goods Tracking challenged with the common Palleted Goods Scanning and Tracking 

Equipped with PickTRACK, forklifts and other MHE become an integral tool for achieving an unprecedented level of traceability for stored inventory.   Like a GPS for your car, warehouses that use PickTRACK become much more efficient in planning, routing, and optimizing the path of placing and picking goods throughout their facilities. All MHE events are reported back to the WMS, ensuring warehouse managers know the exact location and status of their handled inventory. 

Watch Palleted Tracking Video
Palleted goods tracking with embedded camera
Easily integrated to existing MHE PickTRACK embedded cameras also supports 5 sided pallet scanning

See PickTRACK Pallet Tracking at Work:

Highly Precise, Touchless Tracking of WAREHOUSE PUT AWAY & ORDER PICKING ACTIVITY

Improved Pallet Operations

PickTRACK automatically scans and captures label information on good`s while placing and picking pallets.

Faster Order Processing 

PickTRACK delivers the most accurate location status and validates items as they are picked from warehouse shelves.

Less Headcount

More precise inventory selection and location accuracy lowers auditing and picking labor staffing needs

Fits into Existing Processes

PickTRACK is easily integrated onto MHE, allowing for highly accurate on the fly tracking and validation of goods being placed or picked.

Get Rid of Hand Scanners

Outdated and slow handheld barcode scanners are easily replaced with these MHE mounted, highly accurate computer vision powered sensors that capture both barcodes and label text.

Improved Warehouse Productivity

PickTRACK reports on the location of all placed goods, ensuring Associates spend less time looking for inventory and more time fulfilling orders.

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