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PalletSCAN Product Family

THE most comprehensive and versatile family of Pallet scanners​

The Standard in Pallet Scanning Solutions – Improves Pallet Processing Productivity & Reduces Labor by Over 75%

There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution to warehouse and distribution center pallet scanning. During our time working with the busiest supply chain facilities in North America, Vimaan has engineers PalletSCAN systems to support some of the most common pallet scanning challenges in the industry.

Warehouse and Distribution Center Solutions to Support the Widest Range of Pallet Scanning Needs

PalletSCAN 360

Fast 4-Sided Pallet Scanning Synchs with Turntable to Accurately Scan and Reconcile Pallet Data

PalletSCAN 3D

Drive Through Pallet Dimensioning Delivers Fast and Precise Pallet Volume and Measurements

PalletSCAN 100-D

Non-Stop and Efficient Drive By Pallet Scanning Captures and Validates One Pallet Side in Seconds

PalletSCAN 150

Automated Pallet Receiving with Ti-Hi, Case Counting, and SKU Verification

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