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PalletScan 3D



Fast and exact pallet dimensioning is critical to supply chain networks.  For shippers and LTL carriers, optimization of truck volume is central to pricing and efficiency of operations.  And for warehouses and distribution centers accurately recording pallet specifications in advance ensures they are being charged correctly for shipping. PalletSCAN 3D is a one-of-its kind drive-through solution already being used to optimize both storage efficiencies and freight transportation processes for some of the busiest warehouses in and freight operators the world.  These businesses are reducing labor related costs, improving warehouse space utilization, and quickly processing cross dock activities across their entire supply chain. At use in some of the busiest fulfillment centers in North America, PalletSCAN 3D delivers unprecedented value to customers including:

  • Uninterrupted dimensioning allows forklift operators to keep moving and drive through without having to stop for manual pallet dimensioning.
  • Integrates with leading freight weight measurement and WMS technologies
  • Dimensions are taken in seconds increasing processing speeds by over 50% and freeing up valuable dock space
Drive through pallet dimensioning with PalletSCAN 3D
PalletSCAN 3D reduces dimensioning time per pallet from 2 minutes to 10 seconds<br>

How Does PalletScan 3D Work?

Dimensioning pallets with PalletSCAN
PalletSCAN 3D scans and reports on all vital pallet dimension data

PalletScan 3D is a pallet dimensioning system constructed with customer needs in mind. The rugged, industrial-strength frame is protected by multiple concrete guards to protect the gate from potential MHE collisions. Once installed, pallets can be driven through the gate from either side (forward and reverse). PalletSCAN 3D guides the operators and the system recognizes the incoming MHE and triggers the pallet dimensioning instantly.

Unlike other pallet dimensioning systems on the market, PalletSCAN 3D enables precise capture of pallet dimensions, weight and images – all with a simple “pick up and drive through” workflow. Once triggered, PalletSCAN 3D AI-enabled CVML cameras triangulate the length, width and height, width and depth of incoming pallets (1′ to 10′ in dimensions). Additionally, PalletSCAN 3D also integrates with leading 3rd Party weighing systems, allowing warehouses to capture complete pallet specifications in one pass. All pallet data is processed in real-time and is available for review in the Vimaan web-application ViewDECK (or WMS, based on warehouse needs).

Protecting Warehouses from Shipping Over Charges

Dimensioning pallets before being loaded

Shippers and couriers monetize transportation space within their shipping containers and trucks.  The dimensions of outgoing pallets, along with their weight, determine the amount a warehouse will be charged for shipping.  Dimensioning pallets in advance with PalletSCAN 3D provides warehouses with digital proof to avoid miscalculations and potential cost discrepancies.

Reduces Time and Costs Associated with Pallet Dimensioning

Many warehouses are still using manual processes for pallet dimensioning and documentation.  Utilizing warehouse staff to measure, weigh, and photograph incoming and outgoing pallets brings operations to a halt.  These labor-intensive activities are costly, typically generate imperfect pallet data and can take 2 minutes or longer to complete.  Automating pallet dimensioning with PalletSCAN 3D provides non-stop and highly accurate measurements that allow forklift operators to keep moving and drive-through without incurring delays with stop-and-drop pallet actions.  With PalletSCAN, dimensioning time is reduced to 10 seconds per pallet amounting to a 92% time savings.

Manual pallet dimensioning is time consuming

Improved Cross Docking Capabilities

Pallet dimensioning assists with cross dock activites

Data captured by PalletSCAN 3D supports cleaner transitions from inbound operations to outbound transportation. PalletSCAN minimizes the amount of labor involved, synchronizes pallet data, and reduces delays associated with cross docking challenges. 

Visual Evidence Back Up

In addition to the most precise dimensioning of pallets, PalletSCAN 3D photographs all pallet sides at the same time of capturing measurements.  These archived images can be used for subsequent retrieval and claims processing.  PalletSCAN reduces warehouse costs from the second it goes live; expensive labor can be reallocated to higher valued tasks and shipping disputes are also more quickly resolved.

Warehouses gain access to pallet dimensional data in seconds, allowing teams to make near real-time pallet processing decisions.  All PalletSCAN 3D data is available anywhere in ViewDECK, the Vimaan web-based application.  ViewDECK includes a record of all scanned pallets including corresponding images.  Vimaan offers varying levels of WMS integration opportunities based on warehouse requirements, including up to full two-way communication.

Real time pallet dimensioning data reporting

Three-Dimensional View of Your Pallet Dimensions AND Weight

3D Pallet Dimensioning

For warehouses that also want to collect pallet weight information, Vimaan integrates with major weight capturing systems.  Typically, this includes mounting 3rd Party scales on the forklift that shares data directly with Vimaan; ensuring all dimensional and weight information is available in the same Vimaan system. 

Vimaan understands that pallet processing requirements vary from warehouse to warehouse.  This is why Vimaan offers system customization based on specific warehouse’s needs.  For example, the PalletSCAN 3D system can be upgraded to support full pallet capture capabilities including barcode scanning, label text reading, box counting and even damage detection. 

PalletSCAN 3D Delivers Fast and Easy Pallet Dimensioning

Drive Through Pallet Dimensioning

Faster and More efficient
pallet dimensioning

Less Headcount

No more manual dimensioning or photographing, PalletSCAN 3D captures pallet measurements and images automatically, reducing labor dependencies.

precise pallet measurements

PalletSCAN 3D dimensioning ensures the most accurate measurements, providing fast and easy shipper cost dispute reconciliation.


Gain access to pallet dimensioning data in real-time. All dimensioning data and images are easily searched and accessed in the ViewDECK web application.

fits into exisitng processes

Drive through capabilities ensures that pallets keep moving to their warehouse or shipping destinations while aligning with current processes. 

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