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Warehouse Shipping

Verify and inspect outgoing warehouse goods with computer vision

The final step in inventory tracking, your warehouse shipping closes the loop and verifies, inspects and reports back to the warehouse WMS.  Warehouse shipping can be labor intensive requiring Shipping Associates to inspect outgoing goods and validate against the order manifests.  The typical warehouse shipping process includes:

  • Inspecting for damages, discolorations, and other anomalies
  • Using sluggish handheld barcode readers on outgoing labels
  • Manually typing in additional label information not included in barcode
  • Verifying addresses, customer names, counts, sizes, and weights
Improve warehouse shipping efficiencies and reduce labor with computer vision

Relying solely on labor to ensure accurate warehouse shipping is a growing challenge for most 3PLs and Distribution Centers.  Slow and unpredictable handheld barcode readers can bring warehouse shipping to a halt. Labor shortages and high turnover prevents warehouses from achieving an optimized warehouse shipping process; and as a result shipping delays are incurred leading to customer frustration. Vimaan computer vision supports faster and precise inventory data capture during the warehouse shipping process

Vimaan Warehouse Shipping Applications

Automated Pallet Scanning
Automated 5-Sided Parcel Scan
Automated Package Dimensioning
Automated Each Counting

Label Detection
Label Text Reading
Automated Package Damage Detection
Inventory Photo Archive

5-Sided Pallet Scan
Parcel and Package Scanning
Receiving Manifest Validation
1D/2D Barcode Reading


WHAT IS INVENTORY ACCURACY… AND WHY 3pLs and brands need to care

Warehouse Receiving is the first and arguably the most important step in establishing high inventory accuracy across the warehouse

Inventory accuracy is a challenge in almost every warehouse we walk into, and the reasons behind the inaccuracies vary. Understanding the truth behind your inventory involves not just cycle counting of stored inventory but also accurate tracking of inventory movement and reconciling it in near real time against your WMS. 


Warehouse Shipping Resources

Warehouse Shipping Solutions

DockTRACK Pallet

Incoming  and outgoing palleted goods are scanned, tracked and inspected faster with greater accuracy. ‚Äč

DockTRACK Parcel

Scans, Tracks and INSPECTS High Volume Packages Entering and Leaving the Warehouse.

StorTRACK Ground

Ground level inventory capture and tracking, ideal for busy eCommerce operations.

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