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How Alcohol Distributors are Improving Case Scanning on Outgoing Pallets


The quality control measures alcohol distributors put in place are often times consuming, labor intensive, and expensive. Continue watching to discover how alcohol distributors are processing alcohol orders faster with less headcount, while saving thousands of dollars every month.

Distributors are the backbone of the alcohol industry and when they experience challenges fulfilling orders, it is felt by everyone. Scanning and inspecting outgoing customer orders is slow, prone to error and too labor intensive. These challenges cost alcohol distributors thousands of dollars every month in extra labor costs and chargebacks. That is until now.

What if I was to tell you there was a way of validating your outgoing alcohol orders in about 10 seconds?

PalletSCAN 360 is a turntable-based case scanning system that captures all four sides of a pallet in about 10 seconds. PalletSCAN isolates and captures the barcodes important to you. And with our OCR features, if can read any alphanumeric text, including bottle counts and sizes.

Because we use computer vision, we can identify beverage brand logos like Tito’s, QR codes are easily scanned, and warning labels can be called out. PalletSCAN also identifies and alerts users of any damaged goods on the pallet.

PalletSCAN recognizes the Captain and can even identify different colors.

And finally, once it has completed turning, you will receive an exact count of the cases on your pallet. It also identifies any case that does not belong on your pallet.

Best of all, your liquor cases will be scanned in about 10 seconds. All data is viewable in the ViewDECK web application that provides detailed reporting of all palettes. Scanned high-res images of all cases are available, allowing you to visually inspect your outgoing customer orders.

In addition to viewing your data and the ViewDECK web application, Vimaan has integrated into most WMS and ERP platforms, along with an abundance of homegrown inventory tracking systems.

PalletSCAN scans outbound pallets in record time to ensure the right products reach your customers on schedule, helping reduce costly chargebacks while reducing the amount of labor required to process customer orders. With PalletSCAN 360 alcohol distributors can now improve pallet quality and processing speeds while reducing the need for labor overhead.

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