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Warehouse Package Tracking at an Unprecedented Level


How to Track Warehouse Packages

Processing packages coming in or leaving warehouses is fully automated like never before using DockTRACK Parcel from Vimaan. Unlike other solutions that solely rely on barcode readers, DockTRACK Parcel scans barcodes, reads label text, inspects for package damages and can even dimesnions packages on the fly as they are conveyed in and out of the warehouse. DockTRACK Parcel is a rugged and modular system that is easily added to existing receiving and shipping workflows. Feeding off of WMS inventory manifests, DockTRACK Parcel will also notify warehouse associates when an incorrect parcel is encountered.

Vimaan also delivers the truth to your WMS, ensuring that you operate from the most up to date inventory data possible, direct from your warehouse floor.

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