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Warehouse Inventory Tracking From Receiving to Shipping


How to Improve Warehouse Inventory Tracking and Accuracy

Warehouse inventory tracking is critical to the success of leading facilities. Hower warehousing is one of the last industries to digitize, and it shows from slow inefficient and error prone practices across inbound receiving to pallet, put away to outdated inventory tracking processes in storage, picking, packing, and shipping.

Relying on human labor alone for warehouse inventory tracking means settling for higher headcounts, lower inventory accuracy, lost and damaged goods, delayed shipments, and higher costs across the board. Now’s the time for warehouses to automate, digitize, and modernize.

Warehouse Inventory Tracking Across the 4 Walls

Welcome to Vimaan the first of its kind Wall to Wall warehouse inventory tracking solution. To support the real-time digital warehouse. Vimaan is computer vision for inventory and warehouse events with sensors positioned throughout a warehouse to automatically read labels, measure dimensions, and track inventory with over 99% accuracy.

Let’s step inside incoming pallets, drive-through DockTRACK Pallet as they pass through the gate. DockTRACK captures barcodes, reads, text counts, and even dimensions and looks for damages. All data is processed and recorded through the ViewDECK web app, providing warehouses with actionable insights on all incoming pallets.

DockTRACK supports 5-sided pallet scanning, all four facing sites are scanned and captured through the DockTRACK gate, including the front sides and top. The fifth side is captured using the PickTRACK sensor on the forklift, delivering quick and easy five-sided pallet scanning for incoming packages. DockTRACK Parcel enables warehouses to process five sided package scanning, which extracts and validates incoming label data.

Once received, PickTRACK is used to track the locations of putaway pallets. Once goods are stored, StorTRACK becomes the crucial step in providing the safest, most efficient and longest, continually running cycle counting automation capabilities available on the market today. Forklifts and other material handling equipment, use StorTRACK to scan and capture inventory from the floor to your highest shelves. Operators receive their cycle count missions through the StoreTRACK Task Manager. These missions can be highly specific to individual bins or as broad as cross sections of the entire warehouse when it comes to packing.

PackVIEW can scan and validate the contents of a parcel before they are shipped to the customer on the way out. Pallets and cases passed back through the DockTRACK to be verified, logged, and checked for correct labeling and damage before they are shipped to the customER.

All Vimaan warehouse inventory tracking solutions automatically compare inventory data against the WMS and highlight discrepancies along with providing a search tool. Using the Vimaan web app, ViewDECK that enables you to locate, identify, and manage inventory anywhere in the warehouse throughout the process, fully integrating with existing WMS and ERP systems.

Vimaan warehouse inventory tracking solutions are easily integrated across industries from healthcare to tech, to food and beverage, it has already enabled our customers to count 35 times faster. Reduce inventory control costs by at least 40%, reduce missed shipments and damage claims by at least 50% and generate more actionable data than ever before with a guaranteed return on investment.

It’s time warehouses got smarter, safer, more accurate, faster, more efficient, and more cost effective. Vimaan delivers the truth from your warehouse floor to your WMS, providing you with the most precise inventory management accuracy possible. Contact Vimaan today to start optimizing your warehouse inventory tracking performance, reducing excessive headcount, and achieving your highest inventory accuracy possible.

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