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Keeping Customers Happy – With High Inventory Accuracy


How Do Warehouses Achieve Higher Inventory Accuracy?

The most magical time of the year is here… Christmas cheer has filled the air and shopping season is in full gear! Black Friday shattered previous record’s And Cyber Monday nearly broke the internet! The retailers are doing their job now we need to do ours.

What might be a joyful time for most can be the most stressful time for time for warehouses and 3PLs. Failure to deliver means disappointed consumers, lost revenues, chargebacks and not to mention ticking off your most important customers. Throwing more workers at the increased demand is hard to do in this market. For many markets the workers aren’t there. Slowdowns at shipping and receiving impacts activity across the entire warehouse. Poor inventory accuracy makes order picking the pits. And if orders are not filled correctly you could be getting coal in your stocking.

That’s why most warehouses are automating and digitizing tasks they never could before. And that’s why more 3PLs and warehouse are turning to Vimaan vision and verification. We have your warehouse covered from receiving to shipping and every step in-between. Give your warehouses the gift of Vimaan next year.

Vimaan delivers the inventory truth to your WMS, ensuring that you operate from the most up to date inventory data possible, direct from your warehouse floor.

With the fastest ROI in the industry your CFO will be thanking you! Good luck the rest of peak season and happy holidays from Vimaan!

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