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Small Package Receiving & Shipping Station ​

Scans, Tracks and INSPECTS High Volume Packages and Parcels 
Entering and Leaving the Warehouse

Working with some of the most well-known 3PLs and Brands VIMAAN has engineered ParcelSCAN to address the skyrocketing growth of distribution center and fulfilment center package processing. ParcelSCAN is a modular and rugged scan station that allows warehouses to process AND inspect packages faster and more accurately. ParcelSCAN can be easily introduced into existing workflows and mounted on both conveyors and tabletops.
More than a barcode or RFID reader, ParcelSCAN​ 

  • Scans codes and all other label attributes
  • Tracks quantities
  • Inspecting packages for damages

Let’s see the handheld scanners do that! 

Package scanning and parcel scanning for warehouses

Increased Accuracy at Lower Costs​

ParcelSCAN provides an unprecedented level of package tracking and inspection that empowers warehouse managers to retire outdated processes, lowering their labor costs and increasing inventory accuracy to over 99.8%. ParcelSCAN also addresses operational bottlenecks, wrong orders reaching customers and costly write-offs and penalties.​



ParcelSCAN processes high volume receiving and shipping packages, while delivering highly accurate inventory status to the WMS. Unlike other inventory capturing technologies that only scan barcodes on labels, ParcelSCAN reads all label attributes including:​

  • Part Numbers
  • Destination Location
  • Barcodes
  • SKUs
  • Quantities
  • Expiration Dates

All while inspecting for package damages!

Versatile Package and Parcel Scanning Station Easily Added to Existing
Processes ​

Versatile Station Easily Added to Existing Processes ​

Highly precise, touchless shipping & receiving PARCEL AND PACKAGE processsing

Faster Package Receiving

ParcelSCAN captures incoming goods up to 3X faster than manual scans and provides unequivocal, verifiable accuracy.

Increase Order Fulfillment Accuracy

Validates packages against the WMS order manifest, POs, BOLs, or any other detail, and highlights errors ensuring more accurate order processing.

LeSS Headcount

Manual receiving and shipping auditing can be automated with faster, more exact parcel processing.

Fits into existing processes

Streamline your current workflow: These scanners can be easily added as modular components to improve the flow of parcels in and out of your warehouse.

Get Rid of hand scanners

Outdated and slow hand-held scanners are slowing warehouses down and can easily be replaced with these highly versatile and accurate cameras and sensors.

Reduce claims processing costs

ParcelSCAN stores all incoming and outgoing shipment images in easily searchable photographic archives, allowing you to instantly pull up images for claims or chargeback validation.

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