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Hand Scanners vs. StorTRACK Cycle Count Showdown


Cycle Counting Showdown

Cycle counting inventory with handheld scanners has been the default for more than a decade. Anybody that has managed this activity understands that it is time consuming, labor intensive, and very expensive. Cycle counters armed with handheld scanners can only cover small amounts of the warehouse in a given time. Not to mention the challenges involved with scanning goods that are beyond the ground level.

StorTRACK is engineered with these cycle counting challenges in mind. Picked up and maneuvered by existing MHE, StorTRACK is lifted and lowered just like a pallet. StorTRACK is a robust and industrial strength warehouse computer vision system Along with scanning the standard 1D/2D barcodes, StorTRACK is also equipped with optical character recognition allowing it to read any text on the inventory that is important to the warehouse such as dates, lot numbers, quantities and more.

StorTRACK can also inspect for damages, count quantities and provide inventory location reconciliation. StorTRACK can scan faster than a small army of cycle counters, while boosting your overall inventory accuracy. With StorTRACK you can cycle count faster, more often allowing you to reduce more than 75% of your expensive cycle count labor.

To learn more about cycle count automation, feel free to download this Cycle Count Automation Starter Guide.

wAReHOUSE Cycle count automation guide

Learn how other warehouses have improved their inventory accuracies to over 99%, while reducing cycle count headcount.


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