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Package Damage Detection

How to Detect Package Damages Before They Cost You Money

Damaged packages are a part of our everyday lives in the warehouse.  These damages can occur many ways – from many different parties.  Shippers may mishandle goods as they are loaded and transported.  Packages may be exposed to fluids or other environmental hazards.   Your own team of warehouse associates also contribute to package damages during the put-away, picking or shipping processes.  The shipping and return expenses of replacing damaged products has never been higher, to the point where customers are encouraged to keep the damaged product and accept a pristine replacement.

<strong>Vimaan computer vision detects package damages before they become your problem or reach your customer<strong>

Once your receiving team signs the proof of delivery, any damages noticed after the fact are yours’ to contend with.  Thorough package damage detection is manual and typically includes:

  • Inspecting every side of the packages and parcels looking for damages including stains, holes or tears
  • Photographing goods as they are being offloaded, establishing visual proof of package conditions
  • Any packages that appear damaged should be documented and confirmed with the driver

Thorough manual inspections of every package and pallet entering your warehouse is time consuming, costly, and generates bottlenecks in your receiving bays.  These inspections can now be automated; improving the quality of reporting, speed of receiving and reducing your overall headcount requirements.

Vimaan Computer Vision Detects and Documents Package Damages Faster with Less Warehouse Labor

Major 3PLs and Brands have replaced slow and expensive package inspections with faster and more precise computer vision sensors from Vimaan.  Damage detection with Vimaan computer vision occurs during all major material handling stages including induction, put-away, packaging and shipping, our algorithms are designed to identify any anomalies and alert warehouse workers in real-time.  

For inbound package damage detection DockTRACK Parcel delivers an unprecedented level of inspection and goods tracking, allowing warehouses to lower their labor costs and increase inventory accuracy to over 99.8%.  Images of all package sides inspected by DockTRACK Parcel are stored in easily searchable photographic archives, allowing workers to pull up for claims or chargeback validation.

Based on the efficiencies provided by DockTRACK, some customers have reported an ROI in less than 3 months, while reducing their labor costs by over 40%. Improve your package damage detection and contact the Vimaan Automation Team today.

WHAT IS INVENTORY ACCURACY… AND WHY 3pLs and brands need to care

Detecting inventory damage is a critical step to establishing high inventor accuracy across the warehouse.

Inventory accuracy is a challenge in almost every warehouse we walk into, and the reasons behind the inaccuracies vary. Understanding the truth behind your inventory involves not just cycle counting of stored inventory, but also accurate inspection of inventory conditions starting with inbound receiving to outbound shipping. 


Warehouse Receiving Solutions

DockTRACK Pallet

Inbound palleted goods are automatically scanned, tracked and inspected faster with greater accuracy.


MHE equipped with PickTRACK automates inventory put-away in addition to inspecting for damages.

DockTRACK Parcel

Scans, Tracks and INSPECTS High Volume Packages during inbound receiving and outbound shipping.

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