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Put-Away Verification

Verifying Inventory Put-Away Placement with Computer Vision

Fulfilling customer orders quickly and accurately is the primary objective for most 3PLs and warehouses. In order to accomplish this goal, inventory put-away processes need to be precise and exact. Like most other warehouse processes, inventory put-away is expected to be completed as quickly as possible to ensure palleted goods do not pile up in receiving docks. And without computer vision enabled put-away verification, expediting inventory placement without location verification can result in pallets being delivered to the wrong area causing them to be lost and unavailable for fulfillment. Mistakes like this are common and negatively impact downstream warehouse processes. Poor put-away practices increase time spent looking for goods, resulting in delayed orders and inventory write-offs.

what is put away verfication
Unverified put-away practices cost warehouses time and money everyday

PickTRACK: Automating and Digitizing the Entire Inventory Put-Away Verification Process

Most inventory “put” processes in warehouses require associates to use handheld barcode readers to manually scan item and location codes, this process not only imposes an overhead on labor productivity it also invariably introduces verification errors in put-away locations. These errors are a major contributor to lowering inventory accuracy. across the warehouse.

Put-Away Verification Implementation


Vimaan addresses these put-away reporting challenges and automates put-away verification with PickTRACK, a suite of sensors and cameras that are configured to fit on existing forklifts and other material handling equipment. PickTRACK put-away verification capabilities deliver two distinct advantages to 3PLs, warehouses and brands:

  • Ongoing location audits and cycle counting – while tracking and ensuring accurate put-away tasks, PickTRACK conducts location specific incrementing and decrementing, helping deliver the greatest level of inventory accuracy to the WMS.
  • Locates Placed Goods and Keeps the Associates Productive – Inventory put-away events and locations are reported back to the WMS, allowing order pickers to pinpoint goods faster and more accurately. 

Put-Away Verification Capabilities and Metrics

Inventory Put-Away Planning

  • PickTRACK pulls “put” tasks directly from the WMS and validates MHE activity against these task lists.
  • Forklift mounted user interface screens to receive putaway instructions from customer WMS and display put-away/pallet handling instructions for driver.
  • Data collected during previous put and pick missions informs open space utilization and maximizes available warehouse real estate.
  • There is no need to change proven put-away procedures, PickTRACK seamlessly integrates into exiting processes, allowing MHE Drivers stay in their seats.

Label Data Capture and Goods Validation

MHE movement and events are tracked with PickTRACK
  • PickTRACK sensors and lights automatically activate when approaching pallets and then deactivate once the put-away task is complete.
  • PickTRACK automatically scans and captures label information on inventory during pick and put activities.
  • Vimaan highlights any discrepancies (item LPNs, quantities or locations) in near-real time, thus ensuring put-away accuracy against the WMS. 

Put-Away Tracking and Performance Optimization

MHE movement and events are tracked with PickTRACK
  • Placed goods are tracked and reported back to the WMS or other warehouse system of record in near real-time
  • Warehouse managers use PickTRACK to assess MHE utilization and associate activity for future performance optimization
  • Like a GPS for your car, PickTRACK enables warehouses to become much more efficient in planning, routing, and optimizing the path of put-away events. 
  • All above put-away data can be automatically integrated with the customer’s WMS or other receiving software to update and highlight discrepancies
  • Vimaan ViewDeck: App is used to review, search, and view data, highlight discrepancies, and generate valuable analytics by MHE, area of the warehouse, dock door, associate, vendor, etc.

This enables significant cost savings through lower labor requirements, while making the process of inventory put-away faster with higher quality results. Using Vimaan put-away computer vision enabled solutions, warehouses are able to:

Featured Inventory Verification Enabler

ViewDECK Inventory Visualization

All VIMAAN solutions transmit scanned inventory data to the ViewDECK web application for near real-time analysis. ViewDECK is an intuitive tool that allows you to easily search. All ViewDECK data is automatically transmitted to your WMS; ensuring you have the most up to date view of your inventory. Learn more about inventory visualization with ViewDECK.

WHAT IS INVENTORY ACCURACY… AND WHY 3pLs and brands need to care

Automated Put-Away Verification can be instrumental in increasing inventory accuracy across the warehouse.

Inventory accuracy is a challenge in almost every warehouse we walk into, and the reasons behind the inaccuracies vary. Understanding the truth behind your inventory involves not just cycle counting of stored inventory, but also accurate tracking of inventory movement including pick and put-away verifications all while reconciling it in near real time against your WMS. 


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