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StorTRACK – Operational Demonstration


Cycle Count Faster and Achieve Greater Inventory Accuracy

Hello Everyone, my name is Deepak Khatri and I am thrilled to talk to you about the all new Vimaan cycle counting solution, StorTrack. while

What is StorTRACK? Think of StorTRACK as a Google Street view of your warehouse while sitting at your desk. It houses an array of cameras and LED lights, which enables it to detect items of all sizes. It can also read 1D and 2D barcodes, tiny text, including shipment addresses, expiration dates, serial numbers, hazmat information. StorTRACK can also count items, and even detect damages.

StorTRACK is embedded with Vimaan’s navigation stack, which is almost like the GPS for your warehouse. Operators can find the inventory cycle counting tasks on the StorTRACK UI, a wireless tablet mounted in the driver cabin, which guides operators to the locations that need to be captured and provide feedback about the capture. The UI Task Manager allows the operator to choose from a list of tasks assigned for the day.

StorTRACK captures all visible items on the front face of your rack, and there’s no limit to the number of items you can capture. It would take a warehouse worker over two minutes to capture all these items. StoreTRACK does it under 10 seconds.

This cycle counting solution has its own battery source that lasts up to eight hours. Once operations are complete, StorTRACK is docked at the base station. This serves two purposes.
. 1. It lets us charge the battery

2. transfer data back to the server. This is done by plugging in the data cable, which initiates charging and data.

StorTRACK provides the safest, most efficient, and longest continually running cycle counting automation capability available on the market today. StorTRACK Is easily lifted and handled by existing forklifts, order pickers or other Material Handling Equipment to capture inventory from the floor to your highest shelves.

StorTRACK integrates with all major WMS systems, ensuring that warehouses receive actionable inventory insights and operate from the most up to date inventory data possible. Reports include:

Search – which allows an inventory clerk to search for any item in the warehouse

Discrepancy – generates a list of discrepancies against the WMS on a frequent basis so that the WMS can be highly accurate at all times.

An entire aisle that is 300 feet long with racks that are 35 feet high can be scanned in less than an hour.  Unlike a warehouse drone, StorTRACK’s battery can last for 8 hours. StorTRACK accomplishes in one hour what one cycle counter would sometimes need days to complete.

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