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Warehouse Drones vs. StorTRACK


Warehouse drones versus StorTRACK. What’s the difference?

Can StorTRACK reach as high as a warehouse drone?

StorTRACK scans as high as your tallest forklifts and other MHE can reach. If your MHE key can put it away, store track can scan it.

How long does a StorTRACK battery last compared to a warehouse drone?
A single charge of StorTRACK can last up to eight hours allowing for coverage for an entire shift. This is 24 times longer battery charge than warehouse drones.

Can StorTRACK outperform a warehouse drone?
Yes. In just about every way. StorTRACK can thoroughly scan a 300 foot long aisle in under an hour. This would take a warehouse drone over five hours.

What are the key performance differentiators between StorTRACK and a warehouse drone?
There are almost too many to list. StorTRACK does not require aisle or shelf preparation before it scans its battery. Life is 24 times longer than a warehouse drone with a field of view, four times larger. StorTRACK is safer, faster, and provides a much faster. ROI compared to a warehouse drone.

How do I service StorTRACK?
You don’t have to. Vimaan takes care of that. We continually monitor the performance of StorTRACK and we will actually know if something goes wrong before you do and if so, a Vimaan engineer will be there in hours.

Does StorTRACK replace my existing cycle counting employees?
StorTRACK scans counts in inspects and audits inventory faster than a small army of cycle counters. This allows you to reallocate employees to handle other high value tasks. A warehouse drone requires constant battery changes and environment management by your warehouse workers.

Can StorTRACK count the number of objects on a shelf?
Yes. StorTRACK uses multiple cameras to count objects accurately and quickly, even with intense and cluttered bins.

Will StorTRACK inform you that it saw an object but could not rid the barcode or label?
StorTRACK will report on discrepancies when it sees an object and is unable to read. The applicable barcode or other identifying information.

Can StorTRACK inform you of how full a bin is?
Absolutely. StorTRACK cycle counting scanning determine the fill level of the bin by capturing the bin depth and color images of its contents and then analyzes the contents using advanced algorithms.

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