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First of its Kind, Autonomous warehouse inventory Drone

Increase Your Cycle Counts, Detect Inventory Damage and Improve Bin Utilization

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Precise and real-time tracking of
inventory status and location

StorTRACK Air audits your inventory  faster with a higher degree of accuracy

The first of its kind, StorTRACK Air scans warehouse racks, delivering highly accurate inventory status to the warehouse WMS. Unlike other inventory tracking technologies that only scan barcodes on labels, StorTRACK Air captures the entire contents of warehouse racks and recreates the 3D map of the warehouse – reading not just barcodes but all other information on the labels with over 99.7% accuracy.

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In addition to traditional cycle counting, StorTRACK Air measures inventory dimensions, cube utilization and calls out inventory damage and safety hazards (such as protruding and damaged racks). StorTRACK Air automatically compares inventory captured against the WMS and highlights discrepancies.

Beyond product labels, StorTRACK Air reports on a variety of other important metrics.

Precise and real-time tracking of
inventory status and location

Improved Inventory Accuracy at Much
Lower Costs

Less Headcount

Manual auditing can be replaced with the faster and more exact cycle counting of the StorTRACK Air.

Improve Utilization

Along with scanning shelves to ensure accurate goods placement, the StorTRACK Air also reports on empty storage spaces.

Precise and Real Time

StorTRACK Air has access to your manifest and can quickly audit goods with +99% accuracy.

More Frequent Counts

StorTRACK Air can be scheduled to deploy at your convenience and provide higher accuracy in a fraction of the time.

Toss Your Scanners

Outdated and slow hand-held scanners are easily replaced with these fast and versatile AI powered drones.

Improved Safety

Warehouse workers belong in forklifts and not 40‘ off the ground in cherry pickers or dangling from harnesses.

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