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Automated Outbound
Parcel Shipping

Scanning and Verifying Outgoing Parcels with Computer Vision

Warehouse automation has helped improve the outbound shipping process for parcels. Most modern 3PLs and warehouses have embraced the use of near real-time tracking to keep tabs on outgoing packages. For large volumes of parcel shipping, “scan tunnels” are used to detect and scan barcodes on four, five, or even all six sides of a parcel. However, these tunnels cannot successfully deliver the higher quality, more comprehensive, and automation needed to fully optimize the outbound parcel shipping that 3PLs and warehouses need in order to truly make their outbound parcel processes as efficient as possible.

Outbound parcels benefit from computer vision scans and processing
Fully automated processing of outgoing parcels allow warehouses to increase throughput and lower labor overhead

Scan tunnels use complex hardware technologies including adjustable mirrors, scanners and machine vision cameras to capture and detect barcodes.  But they are generally limited in their ability to perform other functions such as reading text on a label, detecting multiple labels, capturing damage on a parcel, etc.  Another drawback is that because of their “unidimensional” ability to read only barcodes, if the barcode is damaged or not visible, the parcel cannot be read, and has to be re-routed to a “hospital” lane where manual intervention becomes necessary.  In facilities where millions of parcels are processed every day, this can become a huge expense in added labor and also cause delays in processing.  Additionally, scan tunnels are expensive and take years to achieve an ROI.

DockTRACK Parcel: Automating and Digitizing
the Parcel Shipping Process

While more traditional processes use labor and “scan tunnels” to scan barcodes for parcel shipping workflows, Vimaan captures the ENTIRE PARCEL in 3D, and extracts all label data including barcodes, human readable text, box dimensions, and even inspects for damage, discoloring and other package anomalies.  DockTRACK Parcel validates outbound inventory against the warehouse system of record, WMS, ASN, or shipping slip, and identifies discrepancies – providing near real-time alerts.  Like all other Vimaan solutions, DockTRACK Parcel populates a searchable photographic image archive of all shipments to enable analytics and reduce claims and associated charges.

Automated Outbound Parcel Shipping Implementation

Vimaan automates the outbound parcel shipping process using a combination of sensors, cameras and proprietary computer vision and machine learning technology.  The sensors and cameras are mounted around the conveyor belt, much like a scan tunnel, but smaller in footprint.    

How Automated Outbound Parcel Shipping Works

During the parcel process shipping on a conveyor line, DockTrack Parcel automatically detects when a package is coming down the conveyor.  The entire parcel is scanned automatically.  All the faces of the parcel are captured in 3D.  Vimaan’s proprietary computer vision and machine learning engine collates all the data collected from the sensors and cameras to extract label information, dimensions, damage, or other anomalies. 

Outbound Parcel Shipping Capabilities & Metrics

5-Sided Parcel Shipping

  • Includes label detection, barcode detection and reading,
  • Interprets human readable text on all labels on all sides
  • Isolates the label(s) and text or barcode field(s) of interest to customer
  • Highlights missing or unreadable labels
  • Reads through shrink wrap (as long as label is readable to the human eye)
  • Updates the WMS through API integration
  • Validates labels/parcels against a WMS or ASN

Pallet Dimensioning

  • Provides max length, width, height of parcel
  • Delivers shapes and 3D composite views of the parcel

Damage and Anomaly Detection

  • Highlights damage to the faces of the parcel
  • Captures images of damage for subsequent dispute resolution or vendor communication

Featured Outbound Parcel Shipping Process

Detecting damage during inbound parcel receiving
<strong>Damage detection with Vimaan computer vision occurs during all material handling stages including outbound parcel shipping<strong>

Package Damage Detection

Damage detection with Vimaan computer vision occurs during all major material handling stages including induction, put-awaypackaging and shipping, our algorithms are designed to identify any anomalies and alert warehouse workers in real-time.  . Learn More

WHAT IS INVENTORY ACCURACY… AND WHY 3pLs and brands need to care

Outbound Parcel Shipping is the final step in ensuring customers orders are precise, damage free, and delivered on-time.

Inventory accuracy is a challenge in almost every warehouse we walk into, and the reasons behind the inaccuracies vary. Understanding the truth behind your inventory involves not just cycle counting of stored inventory, but also accurate tracking of inventory movement starting with inbound pallet receiving to outbound shipping all while reconciling it in near real time against your WMS. 


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