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PalletSCAN 360

FAST AND precise FOUR-SIDED Pallet Scanning


In today’s dynamic eCommerce economy, customers expect
rapid, low-cost and precise order fulfillment. Fast 4 sided
pallet scanning
can be an instrumental component to achieving
these customer expectations. Warehouse managers understand
that accurate and verifiable pallet scanning enables quality and
efficiency improvements in receiving, sorting and shipping
processes, which reduce claims and improve customer satisfaction.

Most warehouses are still highly dependent on their workforces to properly scan, photograph, verify and report on both inbound and outbound pallets. This dependency on manual processes leads not only to high labor costs and bottlenecks at dock doors, but also to quality escapes—which leads to customer claims, regulatory non-compliance and reverse logistics costs. These manual processes also do not support proper analytics such as historical or statistical trends or patterns, which are key enablers for worker training and continuous improvement.

These pains have all contributed to the development of PalletSCAN 360, the industry’s fastest way to precisely capture all four
faces of a pallet. PalletSCAN 360 is easy to set up and operate in warehouse staging areas. The system includes a remote
operated turntable and an array of computer vision cameras that capture high resolution images of the pallet during rotation,
and reads all the cases on a pallet for comparison against a WMS or receiving / shipping manifests.

How Does PalletSCAN 360 Work?

Automat4ed multi-side pallet scanning

PalletSCAN 360 is an automated multi-sided pallet scanning computer vision system built to provide fast and precise 4-sided data capture. This system includes a camera and lighting panel that provides even illumination and high-resolution pallet scanning. The panel is coupled with an integrated pallet turntable or can work with a shrink wrap machine. Once placed on the turntable, PalletSCAN 360 is activated by the MHE Operators without having to leave their forklift.  The system automatically starts the rotation and data capture and stops when one full rotation is complete. The entire scanning proces­s takes 15 seconds. PalletSCAN 360 is configurable to support a facility’s specific workflow:

1D/2D Barcode ReadingLabel Text RecognitionLayer Hi Counting
Total Case CountingDouble Stack ScansRainbow Pallet Support

Reduces Time and Costs Associated with 4 Side Pallet Processing

Warehouses still using labor to scan all 4 sides of pallet spend more time processing inbound and outbound pallets than others that have embraced scanning automation with PalletSCAN 360. Busy warehouses that have deployed PalletSCAN 360 system have been able to reduce their pallet processing related headcount by up to 75%. Additionally these facilities have reported significant reductions in dock door bottlnecks and process incoming and outgoing pallets up to 5X faster than labor. In addition to scanning pallets faster, PalletSCAN 360 also saves time by capturing digital images of each pallet for archival purposes.

Scanning 4 pallet sides

Increased Visibility along with Digital Proof

Actionable insights for 4-sided pallet scanning

PalletSCAN 360 provides near instant validation of all 4 pallet sides. Each system a heads-up terminal display screen that provides status results of each scan. If the pallet fails validation, Operators will be notified so they can take evasive action. In addition to station side reporting, Vimaan also provides ViewDECK a web application that provides reporting on every pallet. The application allows Managers to assess the status of all
pallets from anywhere. ViewDECK also includes a digital photo archive of every scan, this provides digital proof of all pallets to support any necessary order reconciliation.

Fast 4-sided pallet scanning

Faster and More efficient
multi-sided pallet scanning


PalletSCAN 360 reduces labor and eliminates dock door bottlenecks generated by manual scans and photographing of all 4 sides of incoming and outgoing pallets.

faster pallet processing

PalletSCAN 360 scans and captures inbound and outbound pallets up to 10X faster than manual scans and provides unequivocal and verifiable accuracy – for future claims validation.


Gain access to pallet data in near real-time. All scanned data and images are easily searched and accessed in the ViewDECK web application.


Greatly increase the quality of receiving and shipping processes without the labor! Automatically capture and reconstruct pallet data. 

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