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4-Sided Pallet Scanning

Four-sided pallet scanning is a critical aspect of modern warehouse operations. Accurate and efficient scanning all four sides of a pallet can significantly improve inventory management, reduce errors, boost customer satisfaction, and enhance overall productivity. However, implementing and maintaining an effective four-sided pallet scanning process comes with its own set of challenges including: 

  • Labor Intense – precisely capturing cases on all 4 pallet sides has historically required dedicated staff armed with pricey and limited handheld scanners.
  • Added Costs – workers dedicated to scanning 4 sides of a pallet increase warehouse expenses and overhead.
  • Prone to Error – despite the dedicated labor, 4-sided pallet scanning is unreliable and leads to additional costs and challenges. 
Automated scanning 4 sides of a pallet ensures the right contents are received and shipped to customers.

Automated Scanning 4-sides of a pallet ensures that the appropriate goods are shipped and received.

Despite the efforts and expense associated with manual scanning , warehouses are still highly susceptible to added costs associated with mis-shipments.  These costs are related to chargebacks, double pick times, return processing charges and more.  Faced with these mounting costs, leading 3PLs and Brands turn to Vimaan to improve their 4-sided pallet scanning needs. 

PalletSCAN 360 4 Side Pallet Scanning

Powered by industry leading computer vision, Vimaan engineered PalletSCAN 360 to deliver the fastest and most reliable 4-sided pallet scanning solution. This system includes a panel of powerful Vimaan cameras, sensors and LED lighting that scans and captures 4 sides of a pallet as it is rotated by a standard pallet turntable or shrink wrap machine.  PalletSCAN 360 scans as quickly as the system rotates the pallet (typical scan time is ~10 seconds). Along with capturing all 4 sides, PalletSCAN can validate the pallet contents in near real-time alerting operators of audit issues and inconsistences before the pallet can be processed. 

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4-sided pallet scanning entails scanning 1-D and 2-D barcodes
4 Sided Pallet Scanning entails the ability to scan all types of barcodes
Barcode Reading
  • Reads a combination of barcodes found on labels or cases (based on warehouse specifications). 
  • Scans and recognizes common linear 1D barcodes including GS1, UPC, Code 93, and more. 
  • Supports 2D barcodes including but not limited to QR Codes, Data Matrix, Aztec and PDF417. 
Pallet auditing in the warehouse
Case counting is an essential part of 4 sided pallet scanning
Case Counting
  • Quickly counts and reports back on the number of cases found on all 4 sides of a pallet. 
  • Supports a variety of 4-sided pallet scanning configurations including interlocking, column, brick and more. 

Optical text recognition is a valued added scanning capability
Reading text on labels and cases offers a more complete view of palled goods
Optical Text Recognition
  • Isolates alphanumeric text strings on labels important to the warehouse. 
  • Reads standalone text and numbers on cases such as item quantities or warning notifications. ,
  • Also recognizes logos, graphics and warning labels.

Verification and validation of pallet contents
Validating all 4 sides of a pallets content
Pallet Content Validation
  • Once all 4 sides of the pallet are scanned, warehouses are alerted of items missing from the pallet or if quantities do not match the system of record. 
  • Items that do not belong on the pallet will also generate alerts. 
  • Highlights cases missing or unreadable labels. 

Mixed SKU 4-sided pallet scanning
4-Sided Mixed SKU Pallets

PalletSCAN 360 easily scans single SKU and mixed-case (or rainbow) pallet configurations.  The system captures all specified case and label data on all 4 outward facing sides of a pallet.

Warehouse pallet integration options
Vimaan fully integrates with WMS and provides Vimaan a web application that delivers data driven insigths

Vimaan offers multiple data integration options based on warehouse needs:

No Integration

One-Way Warehouse Management System Integration

  • Single direction communication link to pull information from a WMS or ERP.
  • All data and images can also be found in ViewDECK.

Full Warehouse Management System Integration

  • Vimaan communicates two ways to retrieve and send information to a WMS. Vimaan may or may not overwrite WMS inventory and task records based on warehouse requirements.
  • This solution is great for operations with robust WMS and internal reporting systems.  
  • Information may be accessed in the customer WMS and  ViewDECK  

Working closely with global leaders in the space of warehousing, Vimaan engineered PalletSCAN 360 to support a wide variety of scanning scenarios including fixed and mobile 4-sided pallet scanning.  To support data collection across multiple areas of the warehouse, PalletSCAN 360 includes a set of industrial casters to easily transport the system across the facility. 

Contact us today to learn more about how PalletSCAN 360 can help you implement effective 4-sided pallet scanning to prove your overall warehouse efficiencies.

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