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PalletSCAN 150


automated pallet receiving with ti-hi, case counting, and sku verfication

Delays in pallet receiving is the number one contributor to warehouse dock bottlenecks. The source of these delays can be found in the labor-intensive steps associated with Ti-Hi counting and pallet scanning.  Dependencies on warehouse workers to perform these tasks consume valuable time and resources, slowing down overall material handling efficiency. Pallets will sit at loading docks for hours until the labor is sourced to complete Ti-Hi counting and pallet scanning.  These delays contribute to upstream and downstream challenges including put-away, picking, sorting, and fulfillment activities.

PalletSCAN 150 Drive Through Capabilities Improve Pallet Receiving and Ti Hi Counting

Working with some of the busiest warehouses and distribution centers in North America, Vimaan has engineered PalletSCAN150 to meet the demanding needs of these facilities. PalletSCAN 150 is the first of its kind warehouse computer vision and machine learning system designed to conduct automated pallet receiving, Ti-Hi counting and pallet scanning faster than ever before. Reliable and easy to use, PalletSCAN 150 fits into existing procedures and ensures pallets are accurate immediately after being unloaded off of trucks.

How Does PalletSCAN 150 Work?

PalletSCAN 150 is an automated computer vision “drive-through gate” built to provide fast and precise side scanning, Ti-Hi case counting and comprehensive pallet inspection. PS150 can be located at each dock door or can be shared between dock doors by placing strategically inside the warehouse. The system is equipped with integrated LED lighting and cameras that capture high-quality images of the side and top faces of a pallet. The scanning process is triggered automatically when a lift truck carrying a pallet enters the gate.  During a brief 2 second pause PalletSCAN 150 performs multiple data collection tasks including:

Scanning pallets in receiving docks
  1. Ti-Hi Counting: Counts the number of cases using the Tier-Height method.
  2. 1D/2D Barcode Reading: Reads barcodes on cases and pallet labels.
  3. Label Text Recognition: Extracts complete label information, including graphics and alpha-numeric text such as SKUs, dates, and product descriptions from each case.
  4. Multi-stacked Pallets: Identifies pallets stacked on top of each other.
  5. Damage Detection: Inspects the pallet for any visible damages.
  6. Pallet Type Classification: Classifies the pallet type, such as CHEP, PICO, etc.
  7. Warning Sign Reading: Reads any warning signs present on the pallet.
  8. Multi-SKU Pallet Detection: Identifies pallets containing different product codes.
  9. Over-Height Pallet Detection: Detects pallets that exceed the expected height.
  10. Pallet Dimensioning: Measures dimensions of the pallets as well as the stacking alignment of the items on the pallets and highlights “over-dimensions” or “skewed placement” to prevent erroneous induction into ASRS systems
  11. Item Search: Captures images of each pallet and archives in an indexed manner to enable future search for claims processing or analytics

PalletSCAN 150 compares the collected data against the Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) to ensure accuracy and consistency. For pallets that pass the inspection, the system automatically receives the goods into the Warehouse Management System (WMS). If any discrepancies or exceptions are detected, such as incorrect case count, damages, or other visible anomalies, PalletSCAN 150 triggers a warning to alert the operators. The camera images captured during the scanning process are archived in a searchable dashboard for easy access and reference. This feature is particularly useful for handling claims and investigating any issues related to specific pallets or shipments.

Automated Ti-Hi Counting

Used to describe the stacking pattern of cases on a pallet, Ti-Hi reports on the number of cartons on a layer (Ti) and the number of layers on the same pallet (Hi).  This palletization process helps ensure stability of cases by evenly distributing weight and reducing safety issues at the warehouse or in transit.  This stability supports faster truck loading, improved space utilization and getting the pallets to the end destination on time and on budget.

PalletSCAN 150 takes the guess work and errors typically associated with manual Ti-Hi counting.  Reducing the labor involved in Ti-Hi counting, the system provides a greater level of consistency and reduces costs associated with manual label scanning, case counting and photographing.  PalletSCAN 150 can be situated in several different areas of the warehouse including at the dock door or in standalone scanning stations to support multiple trucks. 

PalletSCAN 150

Instant Validation Along with Digital Proof

4 sided pallet scanning

PalletSCAN 150 provides warehouses with near-instant assessment and validation of pallet contents and counts.  Every PalletSCAN 150 is equipped with a head up terminal display screen that presents status results of each pallet and alerts users if a pallet fails validation. Along with station-side reporting, all Vimaan solutions include ViewDECK, a web-based application that reports on every scanned pallet.    Because PalletSCAN 150 is a computer vision-based system, all scans generate digital photos of pallet sides.  These images are accessed through ViewDECK and provide digital proof of a pallet to support any necessary order reconciliations.

Automated Pallet Receiving and Autonomous Forklift Trucks: The Future of Inbound Pallet Processing

PalletSCAN 150’s automated pallet receiving capabilities can be further enhanced by integrating the system with autonomous lift trucks. This powerful combination enables a fully automated inbound pallet processing workflow, from unloading to putaway. Autonomous lift trucks, equipped with advanced navigation and pallet handling capabilities, can seamlessly transport pallets from the dock through the PalletSCAN 150 for automated scanning and validation.

Once the pallets are scanned and validated by PalletSCAN 150, the autonomous lift trucks can then move the pallets to their designated storage locations within the warehouse, without the need for human intervention. This end-to-end automation streamlines the entire inbound pallet processing operation, reducing labor requirements, minimizing errors, and increasing overall efficiency.

Don’t let manual pallet processing hold your warehouse back. Invest in PalletSCAN 150 today and experience the power of automation. Contact us now to learn how PalletSCAN 150 can revolutionize your pallet receiving and inspection processes, saving you time and money.

Faster and More efficient
pallet TI-HI Counting


PalletSCAN 150 reduces labor and eliminates dock door bottlenecks generated by manual counting, scans and photo taking.

faster pallet processing

PalletSCAN 150 scans and captures inbound and outbound pallets up to 10X faster than manual scans and provides verifiable accuracy – for dispute resolution.


Gain access to pallet data in near real-time. All scanned data and images are easily searched and accessed in the ViewDECK web application.


PalletSCAN 150 improves the quality of receiving and shipping activities, without the need for extra headcount.  The system automatically captures and reconstructs pallet data. 

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