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PalletSCAN 100-D

pallet scanning for dock doors and scanning zones

fast and precise pallet scanning

The dynamic nature of a cross-dock operation necessitates that little to no storage is required of incoming inventory and that these pallets are unloaded directly onto outbound trucks, trailers, or rail cars.  This process streamlines the supply chain by reducing handling and storage time and accelerating the transport of goods to their final destinations.   In order to minimize delays warehouses need to expedite the data capture of these goods, and the traditional hand scanning of pallets is a leading contributor to bottlenecks and delays.   

Fast drive by pallet scanning in the warehouse
PalletSCAN 100 D scans and validates pallets handled by MHE<br>

Collaborating with leading warehouses and LTL operators, Vimaan engineers have designed PalletSCAN 100-D to capture, validate and process inbound and outbound pallets faster than ever before.    Engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing workflows, PalletSCAN 100-D enhances efficiencies and accuracy for some of the busiest warehouses in North America.  In addition to operational improvements, warehouses also benefit by reducing their dependency on labor. 

How PalletSCAN 100-D Works

PalletSCAN 100-D is an automated computer vision “drive-by” tower that provides near instant validation of scanned pallet sides. These towers easily fit alongside dock doors, adjacent to conveying systems or in standalone scanning zones.  Each system includes a heads-up terminal display screen that provides status results of each scan. If the pallet fails validation, Operators will be notified immediately so they can take evasive action. In addition to station side reporting, Vimaan also provides ViewDECK a web application that provides reporting on every pallet. The application allows Managers to assess the status of all pallets from anywhere. ViewDECK also includes a digital photo archive of every scan, this provides digital proof of all pallets to support any necessary order reconciliation.  The versatility of PalletSCAN 100-D features and capabilities are unmatched: 

 1. Single Sided Scans: one PalletSCAN 100-D panel scans and captures all required data on a single pallet side 2. Dual Sided Scans: pairing two PalletSCAN 100-D panels allows for fast data capture on opposing pallet sides 
3. 1D/2D Warehouse Barcode Reading captures designated barcodes and pallet labels 4. Label Text Recognition: Using optical-character-recognition, the system can read and interprets text 
5. Multi-SKU Pallet Detection: Identifies pallets containing different product codes. 6. Pallet Type Classification: Classifies the pallet type, such as CHEP, PICO, et. 
7. Warning Sign Reading: Reads any warning signs present on the pallet. 8. Multi-stacked Pallet Scanning: scans pallets stacked on top of each other 
9. Visual Evidence: digitally captures images of all scanned pallets 10. Item Search: pallet photos are archived to enable search for claims processing or analytics 

PalletSCAN 100-D compares the collected data against the Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) to ensure accuracy and consistency. For pallets that pass the inspection, the system automatically receives the goods into the Warehouse Management System (WMS). If any discrepancies or exceptions are detected, such as incorrect goods, damages, or other visible anomalies, PalletSCAN 100-D triggers a warning to alert the operators. Digital pallet photos captured during the scanning process are archived in a searchable dashboard for easy access and reference. This feature is particularly useful for handling claims and investigating any issues related to specific pallets and shipments. 

Fast Drive-By Pallet Scans

Fast drive my pallet scanning is supported with PalletSCAN 100

PalletSCAN 100-D captures pallet data on the move.  MHEs carrying pallets (traveling speeds as fast as 5 MPH) drive-by PalletSCAN 100-D and the computer vision system’s cameras automatically capture data from the pallet lables with precise accuracy.  The automated data capture eliminates human errors and increases throughput across the warehouse. PalletSCAN 100-D provides automatic receipt confirmation and validates pallets in near real-time.   

Versatile Pallet Scans

Like other Vimaan computer vision solutions, PalletSCAN 100-D is a modular system that delivers unprecedented versality for a variety of pallet scanning scenarios including: 

Single Sided Pallet Scan – fast data capture for pallets that only require one sided scanDock Door Installation – easily placed at doors to scan incoming and outgoing pallets. 
Dual Sided Pallet Scans – pairing two systems, as standalone towers or in gate formation this configuration delivers fast drive-by scanning of opposing pallet sides. Conveyance Scans – PalletSCAN 100-D can be placed adjacent to any warehouse conveyor to support non-stop pallet scanning, including single and dual sided scanning. 
Double Stacked Pallet Scans – both single and dual sided use cases are supported for double stacked pallets. Long Freight Scans – there is no limit to the length of pallets supported by PalletSCAN. 

Improving Cross Dock Throughput

Cross-dock facilities focus on the efficient and expeditious movement of pallets, with the primary goals of reducing operational costs and enhancing service efficiency.  A barrier to achieving high levels of efficiency is the manual practices warehouse still use to document and process incoming pallets.  Scanning with barcode or RFID handheld scanners brings pallet movement to a screeching halt.  Successful cross-dock operations understand that eliminating these bottlenecks is imperative to their success and PalletSCAN 100-D is designed to help these businesses accomplish their goals.   
A warehouse does not need to be a cross-dock operation to benefit from PalletSCAN 100-D.  Any warehouse or Distribution Center in need of expediting the inbound or outbound flow of pallets benefits from this one-of-a-kind computer vision pallet scanning system. 

PalletSCAN 100-D Delivers Fast Pallet Processing

BENEFITS OF drive by pallet scanning


PalletSCAN 100-D reduces labor requirements and dock door bottlenecks generated by manual scanning and documenting inbound and outbound pallets.

faster pallet processing

Receiving and shipping pallets are processed 10X faster than manual scanning – the system delivers verifiable accuracy – along with digital proof of pallet conditions.


Warehouses have access to pallet data in near real-time. All scanned data and images are easily searched and accessed in the ViewDECK web application.


Greatly increase the quality of receiving and shipping processes without the labor! Automatically capture and reconstruct pallet data. 

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