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Order Manifest Verification

100% Order Fulfillment Validation with Computer Vision

According to recent industry reports, nearly 20% of all eCommerce orders are returned doubling the the return rates of brick and mortar retailers. The justification behind these returns is blamed on the eCommerce provider 65% of the time. This has been a major strain on distribution centers dealing with this influx of returned orders. Surging reverse logistics (term for upstream returns of ordered merchandise) has resulted in the necessity of building new facilities and chains of operation designed specifically to support customer returns. If a customer claims their order was fulfilled incorrectly and a distribution center lacks evidence to the contrary, the order provider have no choice in rectifying the matter with managing the return and processing a whole new order.

Improve order packing quality and record item fulfillment proof with computer vision

Real-Time Order Manifest Verification with Computer Vision

VIDEO: Watch PackVIEW inspect and capture digital evidence of packaged order fulfillment

Vimaan has worked with leading eCommerce providers and Distribution Centers to engineer PackVIEW, a computer vision solution that delivers 100% accuracy in order fulfillment. PackVIEW accesses customer order information from the WMS outgoing manifest, ensuring that Associates have access to the most up to date and accurate order information from the warehouse system of record.

While fulfilling customer orders, Associates scan outgoing shipping labels to access the correct order contents. Before each item is placed, it is scanned and verified for the specific order. PackVIEW notifies users in real-time if the wrong item or quantity has been included BEFORE order assembly can be completed. Additionally, every order is digitally photographed and stored as proof of accurate order assembly. This digital proof helps fulfillment centers resolve customer disputes faster and more cost effectively, in addition to reducing the number of returned orders.


WHAT IS INVENTORY ACCURACY… AND WHY 3pLs and brands need to care

Warehouse Receiving is the first and arguably the most important step in establishing high inventory accuracy across the warehouse

Inventory accuracy is a challenge in almost every warehouse we walk into, and the reasons behind the inaccuracies vary. Understanding the truth behind your inventory involves not just cycle counting of stored inventory but also accurate tracking of inventory movement and reconciling it in near real time against your WMS. 


Inventory Tracking Resources

Inventory Tracking Solutions


100% real-time manifest verification ensure the highest quality of outgoing customer order fulfillment

DockTRACK Parcel

Scans, Tracks and INSPECTS High Volume Packages Entering and Leaving the Warehouse.

StorTRACK Ground

Ground level inventory capture and tracking, ideal for busy eCommerce operations.

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