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Engineered to streamline and enhance existing workflows, PickTRACK delivers the first of its kind, near-real time inventory tracking and task validation  

Santa Clara , CA (May 2, 2022)   

Vimaan today announces PickTRACK, a one-of-a-kind, patent pending computer vision solution enabling an unparalleled level of inventory accuracy and visibility in warehouses. PickTRACK automatically validates pick and put actions performed from Material Handling Equipment (MHE) without changes to existing infrastructure or workflows.  

Today, most inventory “pick” and “put” processes in warehouses require warehouse associates to use handheld scanners to manually scan item and location barcodes, in addition to entering inventory quantities.  This process not only imposes an overhead on labor productivity; it also invariably introduces errors due to missed or incorrect barcode scans, wrong quantities entered, or picks and puts from wrong locations – which in turn lead to inaccurate WMS inventory records.  PickTRACK is designed to address these specific problems through a suite of sensors and cameras that fit on to existing MHE (such as forklifts or order pickers) that observe and track inventory events and locations in near real time.  With these capabilities, PickTRACK offers several distinct advantages: 

1. PickTRACK pulls “picklists” or “put” tasks directly from the WMS and validates MHE activity against these task lists.  It highlights any discrepancies (item LPNs, quantities or locations) in near-real time, thus ensuring put and pick accuracy against the WMS.   

2. While tracking and ensuring pick and put task accuracy, PickTRACK simultaneously allows for automatic incrementing and decrementing of inventory at locations, enabling continuous cycle counting and the highest possible inventory accuracy for warehouse managers. This capability improves worker productivity by both eliminating manual barcode scans as well as reducing the time searching for missing items. 

3. PickTRACK tracks precise dynamic MHE location in real time through advanced localization capabilities enabled by the sensor suite.  This allows warehouse managers to generate analytics and improve metrics related to MHE usage, efficiency and productivity. 

4. PickTRACK maintains searchable photographic archives of the picks and puts, allowing rapid research into the source of discrepancies against WMS directed activities.  This also enables easier claims processing as well as more effective training of associates. 

<strong>PickTRACK added to MHE improves product traceability overall inventory accuracy and validates pick and put activities<strong>

The effectiveness and value of PickTRACK has already been validated by Vimaan customers currently in production with the solution.  “Our early PickTRACK customers have reported significant improvements in inventory accuracy,” stated Shane LaChappelle, Head of Product Management at Vimaan.  “These customers have also reported corresponding reductions in time spent searching for inventory, as well as a dramatic reduction in customer claims and chargebacks related to inaccurate order fulfilment.” 

“We provided a sneak peak of PickTRACK a few weeks ago at MODEX, and the response was overwhelmingly positive,” continued LaChappelle. “There was an abundance of solutions at the show that featured improved ways of handling inventory, but no one is tackling the challenges of inventory accuracy and visibility.  As autonomous solutions such as AMRs and AGVs become more prevalent in warehouses, it will become important for warehouse operators to have visibility into and validation of the inventory moves being conducted by these robots.  PickTRACK will be a perfect add-on to these robots for such applications.”   

Like StorTRACK and DockTRACK, Vimaan’s previously announced solutions for inventory tracking, PickTRACK leverages Vimaan’s powerful platform of sensors, cameras, sophisticated computer vision algorithms, a WMS integration layer, and an intuitive, easy to use app, ViewDeck, that is accessible by inventory management personnel.  All Vimaan current and future solutions are designed to support easy integration into existing workflows, with little to no infrastructure changes or training required for the warehouse workforce. Together, Vimaan’s product portfolio delivers an unparalleled level of inventory tracking and validation within the four walls of the warehouse. 

About vimaan

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Vimaan’s team comprises computer vision and hardware technologists and warehousing domain experts with a rich and successful history in technology startups.  Vimaan’s primary mission is to deliver computer vision and machine learning solutions to solve long-standing inventory visibility, accuracy and quality challenges experienced in the supply chain. 

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Media Contact: Craig Dowley VP, Marketing