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Fully automated solution speeds and simplifies the process of receiving and shipping, and provides unparalleled data capture, visibility, quality validation and cost savings

Santa Clara , CA (March  21, 2022)   

Vimaan today announces DockTRACK, a revolutionary solution that addresses longstanding receiving and shipping challenges at warehouses. Informed by everyday losses and delays faced by the industry, DockTRACK is an automated solution that delivers an unprecedented level of inventory visibility, tracking and quality control for goods entering and leaving the warehouse.

Unlike traditional processes that use humans or “scan tunnels” to scan barcodes for receiving or shipping workflows, DockTrack captures the entire item in 3D, and extracts all visible label information including barcodes, human readable text, dimensions, and quality metrics such as package damage or discoloring.  DockTRACK automatically validates incoming or outgoing inventory against the WMS, ASN, or packing slip, and highlights discrepancies – thus providing near-instant notification of discrepant receipts and correcting shipment errors.  DockTRACK also provides searchable photographic archives of every receipt or shipment to minimize claims related processing charges.

“Today’s manual barcode scanning processes for receiving and shipping are not only inefficient; often, the poor quality of the barcodes coming into the facility can result in “no reads”, manual handling, and lost products,” said Philip Archambault, Chief Revenue Officer at Vimaan.  “With DockTrack, the package can be identified even if the barcode doesn’t read or doesn’t exist, increasing traceability significantly by physically identifying the product with advanced AI methods.  Additionally, DockTrack identifies quality issues, thus eliminating the receipt or shipment of damaged goods.  Each condition can be viewed and discrepancies against the manifest can be resolved to enable operations to get to 100% inventory accuracy.”

“Our customers have experienced firsthand the bottlenecks that occur during receiving and shipping at their warehouses,” continued Archambault.  “DockTRACK’s ease of deployment, speed, accuracy, versatility and short ROI timeframes have allowed us to rapidly launch at multiple Fortune 500 customer sites.  Warehouses need more than barcode reading technology to accurately identify and deliver the inventory truth to a customer’s WMS.” 

DockTRACK supports multiple receiving and shipping workflows – including pallets on forklifts or pallet-jacks at dock doors; parcels or packages on conveyor belts or table tops; and pallets being built at palletizing machines.  Like StorTRACK, Vimaan’s solution for inventory storage management and cycle counting, DockTRACK leverages Vimaan’s powerful platform of sensors, cameras, sophisticated computer vision algorithms, a WMS integration layer, and an intuitive, easy to use app, ViewDeck, that is accessible by inventory management personnel.  

All Vimaan current and future solutions are designed to support easy integration into existing workflows, with little to no infrastructure changes or training required for the warehouse workforce. Vimaan plans to launch additional products this year to complement DockTRACK and StorTRACK to deliver similar inventory tracking and validation within the four walls of the warehouse.

About vimaan

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Vimaan’s team comprises computer vision and hardware technologists and warehousing domain experts with a rich and successful history in technology startups.  Vimaan’s primary mission is to deliver computer vision and machine learning solutions to solve long-standing inventory visibility, accuracy and quality challenges experienced in the supply chain. 

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Media Contact: Craig Dowley VP, Marketing