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Vimaan announces StorTRACK, a revolutionary solution to automate cycle counting and dramatically improve inventory accuracy

Versatile solution tracks, validates and inspects inventory, delivering unprecedented visibility, accuracy and quality across the warehouse

Santa Clara , CA (February 9, 2022) 

Vimaan today announces StorTRACK, a transformative solution that addresses key inventory management challenges in the warehousing industry. Designed over the course of two years with input from leading 3PLs and Brands, StorTRACK utilizes proprietary and field proven computer vision technology to deliver an unprecedented level of inventory accuracy, visibility and tracking for fulfilment and distribution centers – all with greatly reduced labor requirements.

“More than a barcode or RFID reader, StorTRACK is an inventory management platform that delivers the warehouse-floor ‘truth’ to a customer’s WMS,” stated Philip Archambault, Chief Revenue Officer at Vimaan. “This truth includes proactive alerts for discrepancies against the WMS, the validation of quantities or expiration dates of SKUs and part numbers, archived and searchable images of inventory locations, flagging of quality deficiencies such as damaged inventory, and highlighting safety hazards such as protruding pallets or damaged racks.”

“StorTRACK is live and fully deployed at several leading 3PLs and Fortune 100 warehouses today, and these facilities have reduced inventory cycle counting and search related resources by up to 80%, delivering an ROI in months, and not years,” said Archambault. “Early StorTRACK adopters are conducting cycle counts as frequently as once a week and have achieved inventory accuracies of greater than 99.8%. Along with inventory tracking and inspections, StorTRACK scans racks and reports on bin utilization, helping warehouses not only manage their inventory more effectively but also maximize the use of their entire storage capacity. Along with reducing labor content and improving picker productivity, StorTRACK aids in reducing inventory wastage, customer claims, chargebacks, and preventing loss of sales opportunities; saving warehouses money and increasing their overall output at the same time.”

StorTRACK supports both E-Commerce fulfilment centers with mezzanine level case or each storage, as well as large B2B distribution centers with high bay pallet and case storage. The solution leverages Vimaan’s powerful platform of sensors, cameras, sophisticated computer vision algorithms, a WMS integration layer, and an intuitive, easy to use app, ViewDeck, that is accessible by inventory management specialists at the facility.

All Vimaan solutions are designed to fit into existing workflows, with little to no infrastructure changes or training required for the warehouse workforce. Vimaan plans to launch additional products this year to complement StorTRACK and to provide similar highly automated and accurate validation of other workflows in the warehouse, including Receiving, Picking, Packing and Shipping.

About vimaan

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Vimaan’s team comprises computer vision and hardware technologists and warehousing domain experts with a rich and successful history in technology startups.  Vimaan’s primary mission is to deliver computer vision and machine learning solutions to solve long-standing inventory visibility, accuracy and quality challenges experienced in the supply chain. 

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Media Contact: Craig Dowley VP, Marketing