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Vimaan Emerges from Stealth with First of its Kind Computer Vision Platform for Inventory Management

Fueled by $25M in Capital from NEA, Wing VC, and Neotribe Ventures, Vimaan’s revolutionary real-time computer vision solutions enable 100% inventory accuracy and visibility across the entire warehouse 

January 26, 2022 – Santa Clara, CA

Vimaan, a computer vision company for warehouse inventory tracking and management, emerged from stealth to announce its leading-edge, field proven solutions to the warehousing and logistics industry along with $25M in Seed and Series A financing from top investors New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Wing VC and Neotribe Ventures.  Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Vimaan automates and digitizes inventory capture, tracking and management across the warehouse, including receiving, put-away and picking, storage and pack and ship.   

“The process of collecting inventory data is a major bottleneck within warehouse management. While there have been some technological advancements in robotics and warehouse automation over the past decade, the Vimaan platform is the first of its kind to offer wall to wall coverage of warehouse inventory,” stated S. K. (“KG”) Ganapathi, Founder and CEO of Vimaan.  “Warehouse managers constantly face competing objectives of keeping inventory tracking labor costs low while simultaneously keeping inventory accuracy high.  Vimaan has worked hand in hand with our blue-chip customers to design solutions that strike at the heart of data tracking challenges in the warehouse.  The Vimaan platform enables a warehouse manager to realize 100% inventory accuracy and visibility with minimal labor oversight.  This in turn results not only in labor savings, but also in reduced inventory wastage, fewer claims and chargebacks, reduced reverse logistics costs and overall improvement in quality.” 

The Vimaan platform comprises computer vision-based technologies—including cameras, a sensor suite and computer vision algorithms—to “see”, interpret, and digitally reconstruct inventory according to the warehouse’s requirements.  The solution is simultaneously capable of barcode and RFID reading.  The data is presented to the customer in an intuitive software application that directly interfaces with the customer’s WMS and provides rich, actionable insights.  The entire Vimaan solution is designed to fit into existing workflows, with little to no infrastructure changes or training required for the warehouse workforce. 

For the past 24 months, Vimaan has been working with leading 3PLs and brand owners to perfect its inventory tracking solutions.  These customers, who are in full production with Vimaan solutions, have realized significant benefits in productivity and cost savings. Vimaan is now ready to share these solutions with the rest of the industry.   Vimaan plans to launch a series of new products this year specifically designed to further support inventory tracking and inventory control in multiple areas of the warehouse.   Over the coming weeks, Vimaan plans to announce details of its solutions, customer engagements and case studies of its deployments.   

“Inefficiencies within the warehouse and logistics industries have spotlighted huge opportunities for technological advancement and investment,” said Greg Papadopoulos, Ph.D., Venture Partner at NEA. “We’ve been enthusiastically tracking the warehouse robotics and automation industry for a while and are thrilled to expand our portfolio in the space by partnering with Vimaan to apply revolutionary computer vision technology to transform inventory processes and empower warehouse managers across the industry.”

About vimaan

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Vimaan’s team comprises computer vision and hardware technologists and warehousing domain experts with a rich and successful history in technology startups.  Vimaan’s primary mission is to deliver computer vision and machine learning solutions to solve long-standing inventory visibility, accuracy and quality challenges experienced in the supply chain.   For more information visit:

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Media Contact: Craig Dowley VP, Marketing