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­­Vimaan unveils Drive-Through Pallet Dimensioning Solution for Warehouses and Distribution Centers

One-of-its-kind dimensioning solution, already in full production, saves labor and reduces freight costs


San Jose, CA (February 15, 2024)   

Vimaan, the industry leading provider of computer vision, machine learning and AI solutions for supply chain inventory visibility today announced PalletSCAN 3D – an all-new automated pallet dimensioning solution for Distribution Center (DC) operators and freight carriers. Unlike other pallet dimensioning systems on the market, PalletSCAN 3D enables precise capture of pallet dimensions, weight and images – all with a simple “pick up and drive through” workflow.

PalletSCAN 3D is an extremely intuitive solution. The forklift operator picks up the pallet during normal processing, and simply drives through a “gate” that is placed inside the warehouse. It can support entry from either direction through the gate, as well as forward and reverse motion of the forklift. PalletSCAN 3D handles pallets from 1’ to 10’ in dimensions and generates results within seconds of passing through the gate. In addition to dimensions, the system can determine irregularities or safety hazards, such as skewed placement on the pallet, overhang or leaning stacks. The system also archives and provides searchable, photographic evidence of each pallet from multiple angles.

“Shippers, carriers and LTLs have long recognized the importance of accurately measuring pallet dimensions and weight because it directly impacts trailer loading efficiency, pricing, and regulatory compliance,” said KG Ganapathi, Founder & CEO at Vimaan. “But until now, all pallet dimensioning solutions have required a “stop and drop” workflow, which adds significant space overhead, labor and cost to the process. PalletSCAN 3D can dimension and weigh every pallet without any change to existing workflows, improve safety compliance, and ease claims processing.”

PalletSCAN 3D builds upon a suite of existing products that are based on Vimaan’s Machine Learning and Computer Vision technology platform. “It is uniquely challenging to distinguish the pallet from the forklift and dimension it accurately within a few seconds while the forklift is in motion – especially under a wide range of conditions including travel direction, forklift types, pallet shapes, driver speed, floor variations and lighting,” said Ganapathi. “Vimaan has deployed its unique platform of sensors and computer vision to solve this problem and demonstrated it to be accurate and effective at full operational scale.”

Vimaan already has multiple PalletSCAN 3D systems in operation at various DCs and cross-docks with large freight operators around the country. “All our customers for this product expressed the need to dimension pallets and inspect them for safety compliance without slowing down their operations,” continued Ganapathi. “This is essential to ensuring that they are effectively using freight space in outgoing trucks, and also maintaining safety standards. Every cubic inch of space counts and impacts their shipping costs. By using the drive-through workflow, dimensioning time per pallet is reduced from 2 minutes per pallet to less than 10 seconds per pallet.”

Until now, all pallet dimensioning solutions have required a stop and drop workflow…PalletSCAN 3D can dimension and weigh every pallet without any change to existing workflows.”

— KG Ganapathi, Vimaan Founder & CEO

All Vimaan solutions are engineered to support easy integration with existing workflows. Like StorTRACK and other Vimaan solutions, PalletSCAN 3D includes ViewDECK, an intuitive web application to view results, search for historical data and images, and provide analytics and actionable intelligence to improve operations. For more information on PalletSCAN 3D visit:


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