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­­Vimaan launches palletscan 360 at modex – automated, fast, four-sided pallet auidting has never been so easy

PalletSCAN 360 simplifies and automates pallet audit flow by providing fast pallet scanning, verifiable claims processing and actionable insights.


Atlanta, GA (March 11, 2024)   

At the opening day of Modex 2024, Vimaan has announced the launch of the all-new PalletSCAN 360, a revolutionary machine learning and computer vison platform that improves the speed and quality of incoming and outgoing pallet scans.  Available for live demonstrations at Booth A13227, PalletSCAN 360 is an automated, multi-sided scanning platform that increases warehouse labor productivity, improves quality, and decreases costs from chargebacks and reverse logistics. 

The PalletSCAN 360 system includes a panel of LED lights which provides consistent illumination, along with high-definition cameras that deliver high-quality image capture.  The panel is paired with an industrial strength turntable that rotates pallets as the system scans and documents cases on pallets. Once a pallet is placed on the turntable, PalletSCAN 360 activates and scans the entire pallet in as little as 15 seconds.  Utilizing Vimaan’s industry leading computer vision technology, PalletSCAN instantly extracts and validates the full range of pallet attributes like barcodes, label text, images, dimensions, contours, item quantities, and quality metrics including package damage and discoloring. 

PalletSCAN 360 4 Side Pallet Scanning

“All the contents of a pallet are analyzed and reconciled with warehouse manifests.  Cases that are missing or do not belong on a pallet are highlighted, as are cases with obscured, unreadable or missing labels.  Along with validating the contents of each pallet, PalletSCAN 360 also counts the number of cases and alerts customers if quantities are off…all in a matter of seconds,” said Chahal Neema, Head of Product for Vimaan.  “Each pallet is also stored in ultra-high digital resolution for archival purposes. Our customers can zoom in on individual cases, allowing them to read even the tiniest of label text and numbers.  This capability is invaluable for claims processing as well as for analytics purposes.”

PalletSCAN 360 allows warehouses to retire outdated pallet auditing solutions like handheld barcode readers and limited use scan tunnels. “Fast and efficient data capture is just the start of the value we provide to our customers,” said KG Ganapathi, CEO and Founder of Vimaan.  ”PalletSCAN’s analysis of pallet contents helps identify mistakes in near real-time before goods enter the warehouse or are shipped to customers.  Along with scanning faster than manual processes, PalletSCAN 360 also detects errors before they become costly setbacks.”

The evolution of Vimaan’s pallet scanning capabilities is a direct result of deploying solutions for Fortune 50 Global Retailers, including for several distribution centers.  PalletSCAN 360 is part of the family of PalletSCAN products, which additionally enable Auto Receiving, Drive-Through Dimensioning and Pallet Shipment Verification.  Like StorTRACK and other Vimaan solutions, PalletSCAN 360 utilizes sophisticated computer vision algorithms, machine learning, a WMS integration layer and an intuitive easy to use web application, ViewDECK, that is accessible by inventory management personnel from anywhere.  Vimaan’s entire product portfolio is engineered to support easy integration with existing workflows and deliver an unparalleled level of inventory tracking and validation within the four walls of the warehouse. “We look forward to unveiling PalleSCAN 360 at this year’s Modex and encourage anyone that wants to improve upon pallet content verification to stop by and even bring your own labels!” added Neema.


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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Vimaan’s team comprises computer vision and hardware technologists and warehousing domain experts with a rich and successful history in technology startups.  Vimaan’s primary mission is to deliver computer vision and machine learning solutions to solve long-standing inventory visibility, accuracy and quality challenges experienced in the supply chain. 

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