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Order Packing with 100% Accuracy


How to Verify Outgoing Orders in Real-Time

Hey, I’m Peter Tosh from Vimaan. Today we are going to walk you through PackVIEW, Vimaan’s automated e-commerce packing station.  So first off, you can see we’ve got a license plate here on the tote. We are going to present that to the camera and il pull that order directly from your wms. And then from there we are able to run a grocery style audit under another camera. Here we’re grabbing all the information, not just off of 1D and 2D barcodes, but also off of the text. And then saving those images, both material as it’s being captured, as well as once it’s placed directly into the shipper.

So that way you can] use these images for claims resolution down the line. If somebody tells you that they didn’t receive something, you can show them images of the box being packed up, taped up and sent out to them. And then once you complete the order, you ready to go. We’ll send that out for outbound.

So ask us today how packed you can help out your operation.

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