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Tracking the Systematic Movement of Goods in the Warehouse


4 Wall Inventory Tracking

We are here at CS CMP Edge 2022, and I am at the Vimaan booth and speaking with Philip Archambault Head of sales for Vimaan. Welcome Phil.

Phil: Hi Victoria. Thanks for joining us.

Victoria: Tell us a little bit about your company. What do you do? Where do you sit in the supply chain?

Phil : Vimaan is a computer vision bringing smart cameras, machine learning and AI to the warehouse to offer improved quality streamlined process and just better visibility to inventory tasks and events in and around the warehouse.

Victoria: Great. So what size and kind of customer are we talking about?

Phil: We work with large organizations that focus on high velocity, high volume type movements or high value type material where, understanding the whereabouts and the condition of material is of significant importance.  A lot of our customers are focused on inventory management as a top priority, as well as obviously productivity and maximizing the utilization they get from labor resources and we help in both of those areas.

Victoria: Terrific. So, what do you have going on in your booth? Show us a little bit what you have here.

Phil: Absolutely. So here at the show we’re showcasing our PackVIEW product, which is meant for outbound order audits and validations can be used in eCommerce type order styles where, we actually will interface with a customer’s warehouse management system or system of record, um, and pull details of orders that are being completed and validate them with computer vision cameras. The benefit of this as opposed to like an RF device or scanning is an associate doesn’t have to use a mouse or a keyboard or a gun. Essentially this will be a grocery style checkout where I can actually show you the contents of what’s in your order and I can validate it in real time and make sure that, you know, there’s what is supposed to be in the order is there and flag any discrepancies that may occur.

Victoria: Very interesting. Anything else you wanted to share with us? There’s a lot going on in this booth.

Phil: This is one portion of what we do, but we offer complete wall-to-wall inventory in event track and traceability in the warehouse. So our customers use our cameras for tracking material as it comes into the warehouse, as it gets put away, as it gets picked, as it gets processed and shipped. And along each of those steps I can show you, uh, images of the product, its current location, the current condition that it’s in, and really a reconciliation of the systematic movement of goods in the warehouse and the physical movement, aware of goods in the warehouse, which previously has not been available

Victoria: Given the speed with which customers have to get things out and through the warehouse today. This must be a really valuable technology. You’re seeing a lot of increase in business.

Phil: Yes we work with a lot of customers scraping by to get throughput with the labor resources that they have. Any opportunity that we have to streamline process or mitigate instances of trying to find lost material is helpful and also with B2B transactions and consumer demands, um, ensuring that you have a perfect order every time going out the door is of significant importance for our customers preventing chargebacks, disputes, claims, returns. Vimaan delivers the inventory truth to your WMS, ensuring that you operate from the most up to date inventory data possible, direct from your warehouse floor.

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