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Computer Vision in the Warehouse


What is computer vision really doing in the warehouse and what are we actually talking about?

So we have the ability through a variety of different means that you’ll see in a moment to observe what’s happening in locations on the racks. We can do things like perform product counts and also conditions thereof.

We can validate against the system of record, meaning I can tell you if there’s discrepancies in your, bin locations compared to what the WMS says versus what your associates are telling you they did in terms of placing material in the right location versus the wrong location. And I can flag discrepancies.

In addition to that, I can do things like, detect damage. I can provide space utilization reports, consolidation opportunities, and just a means for having a, a tangible evidential proof without sending somebody to a location as to what’s occurred in that location. Um,

We are not just doing this by barcode reading or looking at pictures we’re using computer vision model trained for each site and every workflow to be able to parse out non machine readable to be able to sure, scan barcodes, but also be able to process key entered materials or pieces of information that historically have to have a manual touch process to be able to read or acknowledge, compared to just barcodes.

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